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REVIEW Light Sensual Fashion Perfumes for Hot Humid Weather

Fashion leader Kenzo launches yet another limited edition from their L'eauparkenzo family to help us tackle the heat and haze better with the light refreshing scents  

As temperatures rise and as the haze gets worse, the lighter, fresher aromatic notes uplifts a person’s mood and keeps him and her sharp. This month KENZO launches yet another range of limited edition duo for the discerning men and women.-L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR EDITION.

I use zesty #perfume for men at times as I love the refreshing scent notes (especially vetiver) which energise me for a long day at work. For this pair of #L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR EDITION I layered both perfumes by spritzing the floral scent over my pulse points behind my ears and on my wrists, while spraying the refreshing pour homme on my back and on the rim of my skirt so that when I walk I leave a refreshing trail behind me. 

This afternoon, after stepping out into the late morning heat, I waited for almost an hour for a cab in the sweltering heat. Thankfully even as my clothes begins to get damp from perspiration, the scent kept me calm and fresh the whole time, such that I could even forgo my usual afternoon caffeine fix.

About the Scents
L’Eauparkenzo Mirror Edition pour femme, S$86

This #fruity floral fresh scent has a light and very mild powdery floral note. I love this scent for its pleasantness and never overpowering properties.
First whiff: refreshingly juicy melon, mint and green tonic  
Heart Notes: a fruity floral note of fresh raspberry , lily of the valley, violet
End Notes: Sandalwood, musk and cedar

L’Eauparkenzo Mirror Edition pour homme, S$86
A strong refreshing scent which immediately wakes me up on a hot afternoon at first whiff.

First Whiff: grapefruit, basil, #aquatic accord
Heartt Notes: sage and juniper berry
End notes: woody notes of refreshing #vetiver and musk

The mirror effect created with silver painted on one side of the bottle offers a nice elegant touch as the fragrant juice creates shimmery reflects while you’re busy moving it around while using it.

Retaining its sensual silhouette of the original L’EAUPARKENZO, I am glad that both these new limited edition scents are available in a nifty 50ml sized bottle, which fits comfortably into the hand.

My first encounter of L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR pour Femme is one of freshness with a touch of floral notes and very mild powdery notes. However, a few days later, especially as the haze got worse, the sensual was easier to pick up by my nose.

L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR pour Femme is very light and suitable for a few groups of people:
1.      Regardless of the mood you may be in. I love the aroma of the light floral sensual perfume. It’s also great for those who tend to overload on perfume.
2.      Great as an introductory perfume as it’s light
3.      Suitable for use in the office, as it is non-intrusive, makes a woman feel more feminine.

Due to its lightness, refresh yourself with another spritz of this scent after getting back to the office from lunch.

L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR pour Homme is very refreshing, which makes it ideal for hot weather (and suitable for those with oily skin. Try it out to know what I mean). It smells different on my dry skin and on my husband who has oily skin. On me, the very fresh grapefruit and vetiver notes, and aquatic accord stood out, while the the scent is less sharp on my husband as the aquatic accord and vetiver notes linger on his skin.

Available from March 2014 at Kenzo counters at
Robinsons Orchard
Robinsons Centrepoint
Robinsons Raffles City
Robinsons JEM
Takashimaya Departmental Store
Metro Paragon

REVIEW: The Scent of a Woman―EAU DE LACOSTE

LACOSTE's latest Feminine Scent To Note 
Amy Adams, the icon of Eau de Lacoste with a bottle of the scent in her hands

LACOSTE launched their latest feminine scent, Eau De Lacoste. It refreshes the senses with sparkling fresh notes of white pineapple, mandarin and bergamot and heart notes of white orange flower, jasmine sambac before settling into spicy, powdery sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver and Peru balsam. It is a scent that is described by Antoine Delgrange, Global Marketing Director P&G Prestige as “sophistication in a simple and unpretentious formula”.


The team from P&G Prestige Fragrances sent me Lacoste’s latest Eau De Lacoste a couple of months ago and asked me to blog about how I have incorporated it into my daily routine. And here it is:

This powdery floral scent with sparkling top notes is a scent I would usually reserve for more relaxing cooler nights or evening appointments. However, for a change, I wore it every day to firstly challenge myself into accepting more femininely powdery floral scents and secondly to check out responses of people around me. 

However interesting things happened.

For one, when I was on my way to the a client’s office, a lady in her twenties followed me so closely when I changed trains that I almost kissed her when I turned around upon boarding the next crowded train. My guess is this lady must like soft floral scents.

My second incident was when I was shopping at a hotel mall. I passed by a Caucasian gentleman twice before arriving at the shop I was looking for. The second time I spotted him, we looked at each other just before I stepped into the shop. Moments after stepping in, I heard someone asking the store owner where he could get a haircut. It’s a strange place to be looking for a haircut, so I took a quick glance out of curiosity and realised that it was that gentleman I bumped into a few times.

From the second incident, perhaps I can conclude that there are men who are so drawn to soft floral scents.

My take on the scent: 
On hindsight, I noticed that the scent left me feeling more relaxed and feminine than when I am wearing my usual sparkling fresh floral Marc Jacobs Daisy or Issey Miyake’s L'Eau d'Issey. With the Eau De Lacoste, my stride is not as hurried either.

This scent has certainly added an element of adventure into my life over and above the sweetness of the fragrance notes.

More about Eau De Lacoste

The Icon of Eau De Lacoste

Three times Academy Award nominee Amy Adams is the face of LACOSTE’s latest sensual scent Eau De Lacoste. “Amy has a natural grace and modernity that both women and men admire,” says Delgrange. “She captures the mood of Eau De Lacoste a truly engaging way.”
Amy Adams is best known for her role as Lois Lane in the new Superman movie: Man of Steel 2005 cult movie. She earned her first Academy Award nomination in Junebug, which won a Special Jury Prize. Enchanted gained Adams a Golden Globe nomination and Roles in Doubt and The Fighter won Adams two further Oscar nominations

Says Adams about scents in general: “I often recall someone’s scent long after they’ve left the room. It’s incredible how your senses can be so acute that they’re able to trigger an emotion or memory with just the hint of a specific fragrance.”

The Campaign

Says Delgrange: “The (TV) campaign is simple: exquisite lighting, a clean colour palette, nude background; Amy wears a white cotton shirt. The idea of the glass ball traversing the skin refers directly to the bottle shape but is also an emotional interpretation of the spirit of LACOSTE. Something that is worn close, as evanescent and diaphanous as fragrance so that the sensorial touch, that feeling of a light caress becomes fascinating; the viewer is transfixed by how Amy masters the ball – it is captivating and purely sensual. What could be more beautifully feminine?”

Soundtrack for the TV commercial:

City Girl by the Jezebels, a soaring soundscape of otherworldly rock vocals that plays on the mood of the film.

Click Campaign to view the TV commercial.

Stills campaign

Shot by Vincent Peters, who is known for his cinematic imagery and perfect ‘Hollywood’ lighting, showcases Adams’ innate beauty.

Says Vincent Peters: “I believe that the picture expresses Amy’s particular natural charm. I tried to capture Amy looking natural, rather than a specific pose to achieve a portrait of a woman, who is comfortable with herself and reveals her feelings.”

Amy Adam’s hair and make-up for Eau De Lacoste:

Casual and real with movement in her hair, nearly nude skin to reveal Adam’s freckles and a neutral make-up colour palette.

Amy Adams’ make-up artist Stephen Sollitto quipped: “It’s a question of enhancing what is already there: healthy, fresh skin, lips barely more intense than their natural colour, shades of nude and taupe for the eyes, mascara to gently curve the lashes. It’s not about overplaying anything.”

The Bottle

The specific choice of a round flacon captures Eau De Lacoste. This clever and contemporary translation of the LACOSTE lineage is the work of LACOSTE Design Director Christophe Pillet. Ultimately pure and modern, the perfect glass sphere, graduating in colour from nude to white, is completed by a petit piqué-textured cap. Around the neck of the bottle is a collar of silky cotton thread from which a metal charm dangles, embossed with the crocodile logo.

Says Pillet: “With Eau De Lacoste, the house signatures are so strong: the croc, the cotton that’s used to weave the petit piqué, so it was natural to bring these things together.” But it’s the subtle, more feminine details – the metallic logo executed in a coppery nude mordoré shade screened onto the flacon, the sophistication of the croc charm, the tactile quality of the petit piqué cap, and the perfect rotundity of the bottle - that make it as desirable as any piece of jewellery.

The Flight Towards Beauty MADLY KENZO latest Kiss 'N Fly scent and Embossed Shimmer Powder promotion

The Flight Towards Beauty and Freedom

Boost your happiness factor with a vibrant yet subtle scent like Madly Kenzo Kiss N Fly.  Just as its name suggests relax. Start the day in a good mood. Kiss mum or your spouse goodbye as you leave your home and take flight — I mean,  soar like an eagle— at the work place. Remember that beyond the makeup, a woman’s inner beauty emanates and glows from within. The inner peace and joyfulness reflected attracts positivity from others.
The Scent
Let the scent wrap you in a cocoon of soft sensual notes that starts off with a delicate burst of refreshing sparkling not-so-sweet fruity top notes of pear, litchi and grapefruit. It then warms into floral heart notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and freesia before settling into soft musky base of musk and cedar

Le Flacon
Starting the day well with the sight of a beautiful perfume bottle can set you in a positive mood and to expect and see only the good around you. A beautiful packaging is Madly Kenzo stable of perfume.
Taking pride in its creation, Madly Kenzo takes a step away from convention. Instead of bottling the scent in the standard clean designs of perfume bottles used by many, Kenzo takes a step towards individuality and creativity. The bottle of Madly Kenzo is designed by acclaimed architect and designer Ron Arad, who captures a woman’s vivaciousness and sensual beauty through the stylised butterfly wing in motion replicated by the curvy lines on the bottle.

Complete your collection of Madly Kenzo scents with this turquois flacon, which reflects the freshness of this limited edition perfume.

Only At Robinsons outlets while stocks last from June 19

The perfume is available now with a pretty complimentary limited edition embossed shimmer powder (please see above) while stocks lasts. Only once piece left at Robinsons JEM when I last checked this morning at 11am.

Limited edition Madly Kenzo Kiss ‘N Fly retailing at $105 50ml is available with the Shimmer Powder (above, while stocks last) ONLY at Robinsons (The Centrepoint, Raffles City and JEM).

From July
Limited edition Madly Kenzo Kiss ‘N Fly retailing at $105 50ml will roll out at all Kenzo counters at all Robinsons outlets (The Centrepoint, Raffles City and JEM), Metro Paragon, Takashimaya and Sephora from July 2013.


SHOP for Kenzo scents for Dad this Father's Day

Fashion Scent for Dad

L'EauParKenzo pour homme 50ml + Hair and Body Shampoo + Pouch retailing S$81 is a great kit for the gym bag. Kenzo L'eauParKenzo Pour Homme is wonderfully soft fresh masculine scent great for staying energetic at work. It has a transparent blend of Japanese yuzu, ho leaf, lotus leaf, mint, pepper, Aquatic Mint, Green Pepper and musk that lingers subtly.  

Kenzo Homme Sport 100ml + After Shave Balm 50ml + Pouch, retailing S$115 is for the sporty man. The woody-spicy Kenzo Homme Sport is so refreshing with citrusy first whiffs of grapefruit, mint and lemon. It warms up into geranium, ginger and spices, before settling into woody cedar and vetiver.

WIN L'Occitane's 1st high end fragrance La Collection de Grasse trial set

L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse

L’Occitane’s first high-end fragrance blend and complementary bathline makes its debut end-May. Created in collaboration with Grasse native perfumer Karine Dubreuil, L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse is a collection of four scents inspired by the town of her childhood. Each of the scents have two main notes and all except for one ingredient are grown locally in Grasse. Taking a step away from L’Occitane’s current range of fragrances, which focuses one main scent, L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse is more sophisticated. Each of the scents has an elegance and fullness that lingers.

1.       The Trial
For this trial, I used the fresh L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel first without layering with a bod lotion from another fragrance range. On the second trial, after showering with L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel  with a body lotion from another fragrance blend L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre Body Milk.

Day 1:
Showered with L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel and found that the invigorating scent from the shower gel filled the ensuite bathroom and the bedroom long after the shower. I am so glad that the scent stays on my dry skin even an hour after the shower. Like you know scents stay longer when skin is oily, but this is one of the few shower gels that leaves a lingering scent on my skin long after the shower.

Day 2:
Showered with L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel and layered with L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre Body Milk.  After the shower, I walked past my husband and went into the kitchen. 5 minutes later he asked if I had used the shower gel again, before commenting that I smell better this time. Hmmmm J now you know that there’s a difference when a fragrance is layered differently.
L’Occitane’s latest upmarket scent and bathline has indeed lived up to its mark. 

VERDICT: I’m amazed by the lingering scent from the scented shower gel. Most scented shower gels that I’ve used before tend to disappear after a few minutes, but the ones from this particular range leave a lingering scent on skin although my skin has a tendency to dryness. And the layering of a floral scented body lotion like L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre Body Milk over the fresh scented L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel blends well and pushes the scent index up by one more notch. One point to note is that L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre is a great elegant blend with body comparable to bestselling classic scents from fragrance houses.

2.       L’Occitane the scent

Androgenous aromatic citrus scent
L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade

Refreshing citrus notes top notes burst forth with sweet and bitter orange. Blended with green tea extract from Japan, bitter orange essential oil from Tunisia.
VERDICT: This refreshing scent appeals to me most among the four. The lingering scent keeps me refreshed and relaxed at the same time.

Feminine fruity chypre scent
L’Occitane Magnolia & Mûre

A very sensual scent marked by magnolia essence from the Far East and slightly musky blackberry infusion from the South of France.
VERDICT: I love refreshing floral scent. Although this is on a heavier side, I detect its elegance and fullness. Definitely a scent for the sophisticated woman.

Refreshing Sensual Feminine Jasmine Flora
L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote

Certainly a scent to empower you through daytime challenges at work to a sophisticated dinner party, Citrusy anxiety-reducing bergamot discreetly brightens up the scent and retains a lingering presence through the day.  The scent balances the freshnes of bergamot essential oil from Italy and the sensuality of relaxing jasmine absolute from Grasse and Egypt.
VERDICT: I know of some friends who stay away from the scent of jasmines. This is one creation that may appeal to people like them as the notes of jasmine and bergamot is well-balanced. Is it just me or I do not detect any strong Jasmine scents that I usually find in other scents with jasmine.

Feminine Vanilla Oriental Scent
L’Occitane Vanille & Narcisse

This subtly warm powdery scent starts off discreetly before warming up to spicy floral heart notes of white flowers including gardenia and settling into powdery vanilla absolute from Madagascar blended with rich and heady narcissus.  
VERDICT: One of the more headier scents among the four, this is perhaps more suited for a cooler day.

For each scent is a complementary retail sized Body Milk (175ml), Shower Gel (175ml) and Perfumed Soap (125g), sold separately.

3.     3 tips on wearing scents:
1.     Spritz the scent in the air above with spiral motion and walk into the mist so that the scent envelops your body from head to toe.
2.     Spritz the scent on the hem of your dress so that it leaves a trial of the scent behind you as you sashay across a room.
3.     Avoid spritz scent on your wrist and rubbing it with the other wrist as doing so breaks the fragrance molecule and alters the scent.


NEWS Get the latest refreshing bath and shower set at Crabtree & Evelyn

Welcome to my English Garden At Crabtree & Evelyn

Imagine having afternoon tea at a breezy English meadow, as the gentle wind and wonderful smell of nature ease away the cares of the world.

Start the day with..... 
Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow collection the latest launch that will help you start and end a day as refreshingly as its sparkling notes. Although it is referred to as a fruity floral scent, it is not as sweet as most fruity floral scents I've come across. I was drawn to its mostly crisp green first whiff marked by bergamot, dew-kissed blackberry buds tamed by notes of bitter greens of ivy and fern. The scent then develops into subtle floral heart notes of fragrant white flowers such as water lily and geranium before it is warmed up and settles into a musky base with willow, moss and musk. What a wonderful scent to envelope yourself with as you overcome the challenges of the day.

This bath and body collection consists of: 

1.  an Eau de Toilette, $58 50ml and Bath & Shower Gel, $35 200ml (picture below)  

2.Scented Body Lotion, $40 200ml and Hand Therapy, $33 100g

3. For the first time, Crabtree & Evelyn has created a Perfume Gel, $25 12ml, in place of a balm which accompanies the current regular bath and body collection. This gentle scented gel comes in a pretty silver packaging with little floral detailing that you can easily slip into your handbag and proudly take it out to refresh your senses. 

Not to be missed PROMOTIONS 
at all Crabtree & Evelyn Store:
(from 19 April to 19 May 2013)

1. Spend a minimum of $150 nett in a single receipt and receive a 1-for-1 lunch buffet offer at 
Marriott Café, Singapore Marriott Hotel. Valid for Mondays through Saturdays.

2. Spend a minimum of $120 nett in a single receipt and you get to leave the store with a lovely Limited Edition Somerset Meadow Umbrella.

* Offer is limited to one per customer, while stocks last. 
* Terms and conditions apply. 

Membership has its Privileges
Direct Mailer

If you are a member of Crabtree & Evelyn you would have received the above mailer which offers you special sets at $88. (details in the direct mailer)

Hope you are now as refreshed as I sign off.
If you love this beautiful set up (picture the beginning of this post) as much as I do, hurry down to the VivoCity outlet to purchase the collection, enjoy the promotion (only from this Friday 19 April) and perhaps snap a picture of it for keepsake. I'm sure the staff won't turn away a customer who has just made a purchase at the store, will they?  (wink*)

This set up will be removed in a few days.

Happy shopping. 

ckone's arty scent

 Graffitti lend their artistic skills to ckone limited edition street edition scents for him and her. Find out more here