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Please ask us for the address and also please alert us a few days before sending any kits down so that we can be sure the courier will be received.

The products are usually tested by Wee Ping. Do let us know if you are open to have the products trialed by one of our fans.

Every post takes a few days’ man-hours to complete, more if there are pictures, facts and researches included. So be assured that we are not in this for the free products or free facials as these items can’t be bartered for life’s essentials to survive in a country ranking amongst the top 10 countries with the highest cost of living. For this Simply Beauty welcomes all kinds of sponsorship, advertorials and assignments. Please contact us for details.

Please feel free to ask us for our Google Analytics for any sponsorship you are looking at.

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  1. When done using a small amount of serum silk and face. How do I clean tool ? I


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