REVIEW Light Sensual Fashion Perfumes for Hot Humid Weather

Fashion leader Kenzo launches yet another limited edition from their L'eauparkenzo family to help us tackle the heat and haze better with the light refreshing scents  

As temperatures rise and as the haze gets worse, the lighter, fresher aromatic notes uplifts a person’s mood and keeps him and her sharp. This month KENZO launches yet another range of limited edition duo for the discerning men and women.-L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR EDITION.

I use zesty #perfume for men at times as I love the refreshing scent notes (especially vetiver) which energise me for a long day at work. For this pair of #L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR EDITION I layered both perfumes by spritzing the floral scent over my pulse points behind my ears and on my wrists, while spraying the refreshing pour homme on my back and on the rim of my skirt so that when I walk I leave a refreshing trail behind me. 

This afternoon, after stepping out into the late morning heat, I waited for almost an hour for a cab in the sweltering heat. Thankfully even as my clothes begins to get damp from perspiration, the scent kept me calm and fresh the whole time, such that I could even forgo my usual afternoon caffeine fix.

About the Scents
L’Eauparkenzo Mirror Edition pour femme, S$86

This #fruity floral fresh scent has a light and very mild powdery floral note. I love this scent for its pleasantness and never overpowering properties.
First whiff: refreshingly juicy melon, mint and green tonic  
Heart Notes: a fruity floral note of fresh raspberry , lily of the valley, violet
End Notes: Sandalwood, musk and cedar

L’Eauparkenzo Mirror Edition pour homme, S$86
A strong refreshing scent which immediately wakes me up on a hot afternoon at first whiff.

First Whiff: grapefruit, basil, #aquatic accord
Heartt Notes: sage and juniper berry
End notes: woody notes of refreshing #vetiver and musk

The mirror effect created with silver painted on one side of the bottle offers a nice elegant touch as the fragrant juice creates shimmery reflects while you’re busy moving it around while using it.

Retaining its sensual silhouette of the original L’EAUPARKENZO, I am glad that both these new limited edition scents are available in a nifty 50ml sized bottle, which fits comfortably into the hand.

My first encounter of L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR pour Femme is one of freshness with a touch of floral notes and very mild powdery notes. However, a few days later, especially as the haze got worse, the sensual was easier to pick up by my nose.

L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR pour Femme is very light and suitable for a few groups of people:
1.      Regardless of the mood you may be in. I love the aroma of the light floral sensual perfume. It’s also great for those who tend to overload on perfume.
2.      Great as an introductory perfume as it’s light
3.      Suitable for use in the office, as it is non-intrusive, makes a woman feel more feminine.

Due to its lightness, refresh yourself with another spritz of this scent after getting back to the office from lunch.

L’EAUPARKENZO MIRROR pour Homme is very refreshing, which makes it ideal for hot weather (and suitable for those with oily skin. Try it out to know what I mean). It smells different on my dry skin and on my husband who has oily skin. On me, the very fresh grapefruit and vetiver notes, and aquatic accord stood out, while the the scent is less sharp on my husband as the aquatic accord and vetiver notes linger on his skin.

Available from March 2014 at Kenzo counters at
Robinsons Orchard
Robinsons Centrepoint
Robinsons Raffles City
Robinsons JEM
Takashimaya Departmental Store
Metro Paragon

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