The Flight Towards Beauty MADLY KENZO latest Kiss 'N Fly scent and Embossed Shimmer Powder promotion

The Flight Towards Beauty and Freedom

Boost your happiness factor with a vibrant yet subtle scent like Madly Kenzo Kiss N Fly.  Just as its name suggests relax. Start the day in a good mood. Kiss mum or your spouse goodbye as you leave your home and take flight — I mean,  soar like an eagle— at the work place. Remember that beyond the makeup, a woman’s inner beauty emanates and glows from within. The inner peace and joyfulness reflected attracts positivity from others.
The Scent
Let the scent wrap you in a cocoon of soft sensual notes that starts off with a delicate burst of refreshing sparkling not-so-sweet fruity top notes of pear, litchi and grapefruit. It then warms into floral heart notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and freesia before settling into soft musky base of musk and cedar

Le Flacon
Starting the day well with the sight of a beautiful perfume bottle can set you in a positive mood and to expect and see only the good around you. A beautiful packaging is Madly Kenzo stable of perfume.
Taking pride in its creation, Madly Kenzo takes a step away from convention. Instead of bottling the scent in the standard clean designs of perfume bottles used by many, Kenzo takes a step towards individuality and creativity. The bottle of Madly Kenzo is designed by acclaimed architect and designer Ron Arad, who captures a woman’s vivaciousness and sensual beauty through the stylised butterfly wing in motion replicated by the curvy lines on the bottle.

Complete your collection of Madly Kenzo scents with this turquois flacon, which reflects the freshness of this limited edition perfume.

Only At Robinsons outlets while stocks last from June 19

The perfume is available now with a pretty complimentary limited edition embossed shimmer powder (please see above) while stocks lasts. Only once piece left at Robinsons JEM when I last checked this morning at 11am.

Limited edition Madly Kenzo Kiss ‘N Fly retailing at $105 50ml is available with the Shimmer Powder (above, while stocks last) ONLY at Robinsons (The Centrepoint, Raffles City and JEM).

From July
Limited edition Madly Kenzo Kiss ‘N Fly retailing at $105 50ml will roll out at all Kenzo counters at all Robinsons outlets (The Centrepoint, Raffles City and JEM), Metro Paragon, Takashimaya and Sephora from July 2013.


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