Designer Home Accessories @ Atomi

Designer Graf accessories and Lights @ Atomi

Solar-powered conversational piece hourglass-shaped Sphelar Lantern offers dual lighting 
— turns into a nice soft candlelight glow when flipped over.

Atomi is the first to clinch the right to retail Japanese internationally acclaimed Graf outside of Japan. 

Multi-purpose decorative piece cum book mark, coaster, paper weight or trivet.
Think home accessories with art-like concept and design as function. If you have a penchant for creative ideas such as book marks that do not quite come in the form of a flat piece of cardboard or plastic to stick between pages, pot coaster which an element of design, you should reach for Graf at Atomi.

Simple chopsticks in a triangular shape with coloured tips for easy identification.

atomi x gallery furniture is located at Mandarin Gallery #04-26/27

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