WIN L'Occitane's 1st high end fragrance La Collection de Grasse trial set

L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse

L’Occitane’s first high-end fragrance blend and complementary bathline makes its debut end-May. Created in collaboration with Grasse native perfumer Karine Dubreuil, L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse is a collection of four scents inspired by the town of her childhood. Each of the scents have two main notes and all except for one ingredient are grown locally in Grasse. Taking a step away from L’Occitane’s current range of fragrances, which focuses one main scent, L’Occitane La Collection de Grasse is more sophisticated. Each of the scents has an elegance and fullness that lingers.

1.       The Trial
For this trial, I used the fresh L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel first without layering with a bod lotion from another fragrance range. On the second trial, after showering with L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel  with a body lotion from another fragrance blend L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre Body Milk.

Day 1:
Showered with L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel and found that the invigorating scent from the shower gel filled the ensuite bathroom and the bedroom long after the shower. I am so glad that the scent stays on my dry skin even an hour after the shower. Like you know scents stay longer when skin is oily, but this is one of the few shower gels that leaves a lingering scent on my skin long after the shower.

Day 2:
Showered with L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel and layered with L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre Body Milk.  After the shower, I walked past my husband and went into the kitchen. 5 minutes later he asked if I had used the shower gel again, before commenting that I smell better this time. Hmmmm J now you know that there’s a difference when a fragrance is layered differently.
L’Occitane’s latest upmarket scent and bathline has indeed lived up to its mark. 

VERDICT: I’m amazed by the lingering scent from the scented shower gel. Most scented shower gels that I’ve used before tend to disappear after a few minutes, but the ones from this particular range leave a lingering scent on skin although my skin has a tendency to dryness. And the layering of a floral scented body lotion like L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre Body Milk over the fresh scented L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade Shower Gel blends well and pushes the scent index up by one more notch. One point to note is that L’Occitane Floral Magnolia & Mûre is a great elegant blend with body comparable to bestselling classic scents from fragrance houses.

2.       L’Occitane the scent

Androgenous aromatic citrus scent
L’Occitane Thé Vert & Bigarade

Refreshing citrus notes top notes burst forth with sweet and bitter orange. Blended with green tea extract from Japan, bitter orange essential oil from Tunisia.
VERDICT: This refreshing scent appeals to me most among the four. The lingering scent keeps me refreshed and relaxed at the same time.

Feminine fruity chypre scent
L’Occitane Magnolia & Mûre

A very sensual scent marked by magnolia essence from the Far East and slightly musky blackberry infusion from the South of France.
VERDICT: I love refreshing floral scent. Although this is on a heavier side, I detect its elegance and fullness. Definitely a scent for the sophisticated woman.

Refreshing Sensual Feminine Jasmine Flora
L’Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote

Certainly a scent to empower you through daytime challenges at work to a sophisticated dinner party, Citrusy anxiety-reducing bergamot discreetly brightens up the scent and retains a lingering presence through the day.  The scent balances the freshnes of bergamot essential oil from Italy and the sensuality of relaxing jasmine absolute from Grasse and Egypt.
VERDICT: I know of some friends who stay away from the scent of jasmines. This is one creation that may appeal to people like them as the notes of jasmine and bergamot is well-balanced. Is it just me or I do not detect any strong Jasmine scents that I usually find in other scents with jasmine.

Feminine Vanilla Oriental Scent
L’Occitane Vanille & Narcisse

This subtly warm powdery scent starts off discreetly before warming up to spicy floral heart notes of white flowers including gardenia and settling into powdery vanilla absolute from Madagascar blended with rich and heady narcissus.  
VERDICT: One of the more headier scents among the four, this is perhaps more suited for a cooler day.

For each scent is a complementary retail sized Body Milk (175ml), Shower Gel (175ml) and Perfumed Soap (125g), sold separately.

3.     3 tips on wearing scents:
1.     Spritz the scent in the air above with spiral motion and walk into the mist so that the scent envelops your body from head to toe.
2.     Spritz the scent on the hem of your dress so that it leaves a trial of the scent behind you as you sashay across a room.
3.     Avoid spritz scent on your wrist and rubbing it with the other wrist as doing so breaks the fragrance molecule and alters the scent.



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