REVIEW: The Scent of a Woman―EAU DE LACOSTE

LACOSTE's latest Feminine Scent To Note 
Amy Adams, the icon of Eau de Lacoste with a bottle of the scent in her hands

LACOSTE launched their latest feminine scent, Eau De Lacoste. It refreshes the senses with sparkling fresh notes of white pineapple, mandarin and bergamot and heart notes of white orange flower, jasmine sambac before settling into spicy, powdery sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver and Peru balsam. It is a scent that is described by Antoine Delgrange, Global Marketing Director P&G Prestige as “sophistication in a simple and unpretentious formula”.


The team from P&G Prestige Fragrances sent me Lacoste’s latest Eau De Lacoste a couple of months ago and asked me to blog about how I have incorporated it into my daily routine. And here it is:

This powdery floral scent with sparkling top notes is a scent I would usually reserve for more relaxing cooler nights or evening appointments. However, for a change, I wore it every day to firstly challenge myself into accepting more femininely powdery floral scents and secondly to check out responses of people around me. 

However interesting things happened.

For one, when I was on my way to the a client’s office, a lady in her twenties followed me so closely when I changed trains that I almost kissed her when I turned around upon boarding the next crowded train. My guess is this lady must like soft floral scents.

My second incident was when I was shopping at a hotel mall. I passed by a Caucasian gentleman twice before arriving at the shop I was looking for. The second time I spotted him, we looked at each other just before I stepped into the shop. Moments after stepping in, I heard someone asking the store owner where he could get a haircut. It’s a strange place to be looking for a haircut, so I took a quick glance out of curiosity and realised that it was that gentleman I bumped into a few times.

From the second incident, perhaps I can conclude that there are men who are so drawn to soft floral scents.

My take on the scent: 
On hindsight, I noticed that the scent left me feeling more relaxed and feminine than when I am wearing my usual sparkling fresh floral Marc Jacobs Daisy or Issey Miyake’s L'Eau d'Issey. With the Eau De Lacoste, my stride is not as hurried either.

This scent has certainly added an element of adventure into my life over and above the sweetness of the fragrance notes.

More about Eau De Lacoste

The Icon of Eau De Lacoste

Three times Academy Award nominee Amy Adams is the face of LACOSTE’s latest sensual scent Eau De Lacoste. “Amy has a natural grace and modernity that both women and men admire,” says Delgrange. “She captures the mood of Eau De Lacoste a truly engaging way.”
Amy Adams is best known for her role as Lois Lane in the new Superman movie: Man of Steel 2005 cult movie. She earned her first Academy Award nomination in Junebug, which won a Special Jury Prize. Enchanted gained Adams a Golden Globe nomination and Roles in Doubt and The Fighter won Adams two further Oscar nominations

Says Adams about scents in general: “I often recall someone’s scent long after they’ve left the room. It’s incredible how your senses can be so acute that they’re able to trigger an emotion or memory with just the hint of a specific fragrance.”

The Campaign

Says Delgrange: “The (TV) campaign is simple: exquisite lighting, a clean colour palette, nude background; Amy wears a white cotton shirt. The idea of the glass ball traversing the skin refers directly to the bottle shape but is also an emotional interpretation of the spirit of LACOSTE. Something that is worn close, as evanescent and diaphanous as fragrance so that the sensorial touch, that feeling of a light caress becomes fascinating; the viewer is transfixed by how Amy masters the ball – it is captivating and purely sensual. What could be more beautifully feminine?”

Soundtrack for the TV commercial:

City Girl by the Jezebels, a soaring soundscape of otherworldly rock vocals that plays on the mood of the film.

Click Campaign to view the TV commercial.

Stills campaign

Shot by Vincent Peters, who is known for his cinematic imagery and perfect ‘Hollywood’ lighting, showcases Adams’ innate beauty.

Says Vincent Peters: “I believe that the picture expresses Amy’s particular natural charm. I tried to capture Amy looking natural, rather than a specific pose to achieve a portrait of a woman, who is comfortable with herself and reveals her feelings.”

Amy Adam’s hair and make-up for Eau De Lacoste:

Casual and real with movement in her hair, nearly nude skin to reveal Adam’s freckles and a neutral make-up colour palette.

Amy Adams’ make-up artist Stephen Sollitto quipped: “It’s a question of enhancing what is already there: healthy, fresh skin, lips barely more intense than their natural colour, shades of nude and taupe for the eyes, mascara to gently curve the lashes. It’s not about overplaying anything.”

The Bottle

The specific choice of a round flacon captures Eau De Lacoste. This clever and contemporary translation of the LACOSTE lineage is the work of LACOSTE Design Director Christophe Pillet. Ultimately pure and modern, the perfect glass sphere, graduating in colour from nude to white, is completed by a petit piqué-textured cap. Around the neck of the bottle is a collar of silky cotton thread from which a metal charm dangles, embossed with the crocodile logo.

Says Pillet: “With Eau De Lacoste, the house signatures are so strong: the croc, the cotton that’s used to weave the petit piqué, so it was natural to bring these things together.” But it’s the subtle, more feminine details – the metallic logo executed in a coppery nude mordoré shade screened onto the flacon, the sophistication of the croc charm, the tactile quality of the petit piqué cap, and the perfect rotundity of the bottle - that make it as desirable as any piece of jewellery.

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