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REVIEW/SHOP Enlivening curls with Goldwell Kerasilk home hair care range

Breathe new live to old curls and smooth out frizz with these few products from Goldwell

It's been six months since my hair was permed. And right the curls are still looking lovely with the help of curl enhancers in the form of a shampoo, daily hair mask and leave-in hair oil.

Goldwell KERASILK is the first customisable KERATIN TREATMENT home care range makes unruly, frizzy hair manageable, softens waves and smooths the overall hair structure, and reduces daily styling time significantly. This range was launched together with Goldwell's latest formaldehyde-free hair smoothining salon treatment that transforms unmanagable curls into soft manageable hair that doesn't look stick straight.

For my coarse hair, I was recommended the Ultra Rich range. 
The shampoo transforms unmanageable damaged and very dry hair with precious keratin and silk proteins. 
The Daily Intense Mask for extremely unmanageable and damaged hair smooths out the kinks and provides extra combability, manageability and control.

The leave-in hair oil transforms extremely unmanageable and damaged hair into smooth-down hair full of shine. It enhances combability and control when applied in towel-dry hair; a shiny and smooth finish when applied in dry hair. Most of the frizz in my hair is smoothened out with this.

The Technology behind Kerasilk
This shampoo, daily hair mask and hair oil add bounce and life to my tired curls as it infuse and strengthen the hair strands with keratin.

This may just be the hope women with curls need to revive their curls.

Goldwell formaldehyde-free salon treatment for healthier hair
These two models have naturally wavy or permed hair. Hair on one side was treated with the new salon treatment to show how they can have better shape and look lovelier. Guess which side it was?
Costing between $400 - $500 for long hair, this treatment is said to be one of the first treatments that restores health to dry frizzy hair by depositing keratin back into the hair to restore health and bounce. The two to three hour treatment without unhealthy cancer causing formaldehyde is said to last up to five months. The only type of hair condition that it can’t remedy, says Tony Ong from Goldwell, is damaged hair. Formaldehyde which works by sealing hair shaft is able to also seal split ends, except that it is unhealthy not just for the owner of the hair that it’s been used on, but more so for the technicians who breathe in the formaldehyde fumes while coating the chemical over customer’s hair strands.

This is also the only customisable keratin treatment in the market, allowing the technician to adjust the strength of the treatment according to the extent of hair relaxation desired.

If you have been going for straight perms to tame your unmanagable curls, this is one option to consider.

These products are retailed at Goldwell  salons. To contact the Goldwell team, email 

NEW/NEWS Update Your Look with Goldwell Reallusion 2014

Update Your Look
What’s new in the world of haircolour? Other than keeping hair shades closer to your original black like a rich brown such that new growth is not obvious, reducing the need to touch up, new hair colour trends still hover around this money-saving hair colour.

At Goldwell’s launch party held at La Salle School of Art in March, Reallusion unveils 2 new shades that play with optical trickery and illusion. Unexpected colour combinations and bobs with a modern and livelier twist. Goldwell Reallusion delivers highly versatile looks imbued with kaleidoscopic effects.

Brilliant Multi-tonal Colors
Color Zoom Reallusion micro-weaves vibrant hues together for subtle elements of surprise. Two new trend colors from Goldwell include Reallusion Sparkling Brown (5BV) and Reallusion Peachy Beige (IOBB).

Reallusion Sparkling Brown is a wearable yet fashionably cool brown tone refined with an exciting sparkling touch of violet, that is obvious only under bright lights or at upon a second glance. TIP: To get away from the monotony of a single hair colour, opt for streaks of Reallusion Scarlet Red (7RR MAX + 5R + RR Mix = 2:1:1) for skin with warm undertones OR Reallusion Grape Violet (10V + 5VA + 8SB = 2:1:1) a cooler option for cooler skin tones.

For the adventurous, Reallusion Peachy Beige is a modern peachy-beige character refined with shimmering gold reflects. TIP: Clever blend with subtle touches of Reallusion Rosy Pink (SV@10 + AB@9 + Pk@all = 30:5:2) helps enliven the hair style and monotony of a single whole head colour.

Multi-dimensional Cuts and Versatile Looks

Symmetrical shapes, striking bangs and layers add dimension and style to your cut. These multidimensional cuts define the kaleidoscope effect of the Goldwell Reallusion colours. Simply vary the hairstyling to match your wardrobe for different occasions from edgy and sleek, to sophisticated and glamorous.

For the Guys

Available at authorised salons offering Goldwell's Reallusion colours. 
Call Goldwell at (65) 6681 4743 for your nearest stockists in Singapore.


The feast and setting
Go behind the scenes of this international campaign:

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TRIAL/REVIEW DR Georgia Lee Anti-Hairloss Shampoo and Solution

TRIAL DRGL Anti-Hairloss shampoo and scalp tonic

combined forehead pic COMBINED
I’ve been meaning to post this blog for a few weeks now…. I used DrGL Anti-Hairloss shampoo for two months and the scalp tonic for about a month. Recently I find myself rubbing my eyes as much as when my bangs was growing out a few years ago and was poking into my eyes. Other than from dryness of eyes due to  working on the laptop all day, I find shorter coarse hair growing out of my scalp close to my temples. This is the spot where hair growth is sparse and I  see more of my scalp compared to the rest of my head for past few years.  As I have not cut or trimmed my fringe in the past year, these shorter strands of hair  must be new growths.
During shampoo, I still see hairfall, and i felt that the part of hair length that is closer to the scalp where I concentrate on massaging the shampoo over the scalp thickened. As I colour my hair, i protect salon coloured hair with a  shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair over the length of the hair, just to be on the safe side.
How does this set of hair and scalp care work?
DR GL Shampoo and scalp tonic
1. How does it work?
DrGL: The vitamins , peptides and growth factors in the products are selected for their hair regrowth properties.
2. I noticed that when I skip one day before the next shampoo the hair fall during shampoo is more than if I were to wash everyday. Why does this happen?
DrGL: The shampooing action will dislodge some hair in the exogen phase (finer hair that is on their way out) . When you skip the shampooing, these hair on their way out may have been spared from the traction.
3. How does it help hair regrowth?
DrGL: The peptides selected have specialised effects on stimulating hair growth
4. How to use the serum? Can it be used at any time of the day right after hair shampoo?
DrGL: Yes it can, the serum is gently massaged onto the cleansed scalp
5. Do both products need to be used every day to have permanently less hair fall? Or it can be stopped at a certain stage? DrGL: Hair loss unfortunately will afflict us as we get older, so when to maintain the results, it must be continued until another science breakthrough
6. My husband uses Selsun Blue anti-dandruff shampoo as it leaves his scalp less oily. But I noticed that I see more of his scalp when he uses this shampoo. Does it mean it doesn’t help his balding problem?
DrGL: If the hair loss is advance , he will need oral medication or hair transplant. This shampoo helps to reduce further hair loss in this group
7. How should a man nearing 50 manage hair loss and balding situation? Is using hair loss shampoo good enough?
DrGL: Hair loss issues in men should be targeted early as it is progressive being hormonal and genetically driven. Topical hair products helps to reduce the loss but oral medication when started early may help to reverse this. In more advanced situation, hair transplant can be considered but there must be enough autologous donor hair sites to make this a successful exercise  
VERDICT:   Well, as I’ve mentioned on my trial, it works as I find new hair regrowths. The length of time it takes for everyone to see results differs as it also depends on one’s stress level, diet and sleep etc. If you find that your hair is thinning, This set of Dr GL shampoo and scalp tonic may be worth checking out. Don’t wait too long to take action on falling hair to cut the losses.

Dr GL Anti-Hairloss cleanser,  S$88 (100ml)
Dr GL Anti-Hairloss Solution, S$158 (100ml)

Vidal Sassoon's 1st brand ambassador in Singapore!

Vidal Sassoon unveils award-winning actress and celebrity, Joanne Peh as Singapore’s FIRST Vidal Sassoon Brand Ambassador. 

Now uncover what it means to#GETSASSOONED with the new Vidal Sassoon ambassador 
– Joanne Peh. 

See how being Sassooned pushes golden girl Joanne to reveal her inner sass. Be one of the first to witness Joanne Peh’s ultimate #GETSASSOONED transformation:
Creative director of Hairloom and Sassoon Academy-trained hairdresser, Calvin Gan helped her achieve this look with Sassoon's creative vision and signature style. In essence, Vidal Sassoon's cuts are personalised, minimalist and designed to enhance a woman's beauty. The style is also said to stay as the hair grows longer, leaving customers with more time between cuts than usual. So here's another money saving idea with a hair cut that lasts and less visits to the salon.

Hair care launched with this
 Brand Ambassador announcement
Vidal Sassoon brand ambassador and MediaCorp artiste Joanne Peh shares her thoughts:

There was a catwalk show held at Sculpture Square before Joanne Peh appeared in her new hairdo:
Pictorial summary followers of Simply Beauty Instagram would have seen:

 waiting, waiting, waiting for about an hour....

Part 2 of being Sassooned:
Joanne Peh reveals her short crop which was updated with touches of colour.

Joanne Peh with models showing off the latest crops and hair colours
Take a closer look at Joanne Peh's new crop
Vidal Sassoon Premium Base and Premium Color Care launched at the same time as the Brand Ambassador announcement:
(from left) Vidal Sassoon Premium Base Care Shampoo, S$8.50, Conditioner, S$8.50,
Treatment, S$13.90, and Magic Style Activator for Curls, S$5.90

REVIEW Volume creating styling products from Redken leaves me with a fashionably tousled hair that also looks healthier

Fashion Waves Look

Valentine's is one of the times every woman ensures their hair stays in place and well styled. Other than staying away for windy places dining place (get the hint?), it is important to use the right styling product to hold your coif. Here are reviews for two Redken's latest products I tried, and incidentally, how to have the lovely airy windblown look using these styling products.

Fashion Wave Signature Look
I used two of the products in the latest Redken launch—Wind Blown 05 and Ruffled Up 14.

Ruffled Up 14
I am very impressed by the texture of Ruffled Up 14 as it is non-oily and non-sticky gel. I coiled up my hair in a bit to create more waves in my 2 year old permed hair, after applying this gel to towel dried hair and pinning up the tight coils. Then my hair is left to dry naturally. See the picture for result. Although it is not stated in the press release, I find that the gel transforms my dry and frizzy to healthier curls when I released the hair from the pin.
Result after releasing curls from pins

Wind Blown 05
Unlike the usual hairspray used to fix a hair style, Wind Blown 05 puffs up hair naturally without the stiff finish. The great part is that tresses remain flexible through the day. Note that the correct way of creating voluminous hair is as what artist Adam Browne advised below. I think this dry volumising finishing spray is great not just for create body and volume in fine hair. I find that it would also come in handing for creating volume around the scalp, especially if like me hair close to the root sticks to the scalp thus making the hair look flat, but towards the ends, hair is voluminous. Now I can  find balance.

Below are some tips on how to use the whole range from hairstylists in the Redken international team. With Redken, freelance hair expert #GregOh stresses the importance of using each product correctly to see desired results.

How to create fashionably tousled hair by Redken
All these years, Redken has been working behind the scenes slicking, shaping and scrunching model’s hair before they walk down the catwalk at the seasonal fashion shows in Paris. Here are four products created specially to help you wear your coif with long lasting style:
Redken Fashion Waves 07

Fashion Waves 07 texturising Sea Spray reinvents the beach hair by bringing out natural waves in your hair.
Key Ingredient: Magnesium Sulphate or Epsom salt adds instant texture to create effortless tousled hair.
Tip from artist from #Toronto, #JorgeJoao: Mist damp hair with Fashion Waves 07 and allow to dry naturally. Then reapply throughout the day to re-animate waves.
Priced at S$39
Redken Ruffle Up 14
Ruffled Up 14 volume building gel gives hair fashionably frothy texture and roughed-up volume. The lightweight gel adds dry grip and medium hold for a perfect yet messy hair style.
Tip from artist from #Los Angeles, #AdinaDoss : Warm up Ruffle Up 14 in palms and quickly tease hair to add texture and grip to hair.
Priced at S$39
Redken Wind Blown 05
Wind Blown 05 dry volumising finishing spray captures the airy movement of wind-blown hair and the soft volume it creates. This ultra-light finisher instantly gives hair an airy touch with naturally tousled body for a perfectly undone style.
Tip from artist from #London, #AdamBrowne : Bend forward and bring all your hair to the front. Mist hair with Wind Blown 05 and shake it out to create volume.
Priced at S$39

Redken Loose Endings 09
Loose Endings 09 flexible defining cream enhances the shape of straight hair while adding piecy separation with texture and shine.
Tip from artist from #Germany #DanielGolz : Apply Loose Endings 09 to towel-dried hair.
Priced at S$39

Tip from local stylist #Chester Wai from #HairPhilosophy:
Ruffled Up 14 is best for fine to medium textured hair or for a super big blowout. It provides excellent grip with a light weight texture. Fashion Waves 07 creates natural styled looks. Use as a primer to create a perfect base for textured styling.

Redken Signature Look Collection is available at authorised Redken Haircare salons. Call 1800-838 3388 for your nearest stockist.

Even Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, likes Gender Biases Video by Pantene that went viral. Have you seen it?

"Gender #Bias. How does it affect you?" asks Pantene

Whether you are a stay home mum or holds a full time job, surely you've come cross this issue or personally experienced this at some point in your life. This affects how you view wearing branded clothes, how a man or woman is viewed when either one exerts himself/herself at work, or even paying attention to personal grooming. Is it just a self-esteem issue or simply how it is viewed by observers?
Image courtesy of photostock /
On a global stand, in recent months, #Pantene caused quite the stir with an online# video at #WhipIt tackling gender labels. It began with #Sheryl Sandberg’s global bestseller Lean In, which examined why women are still struggling to make progress and encourages women to overcome it. A recent study by Pantene in the Philippines revealed that 70 per cent of men still think that women need to downplay their personality to be accepted. Below is the video in question, which gone viral across the globe after Sandberg liked and sang its praises. This video was created from this insight into the Filipino culture, asking bold questions like Why is he called boss, but she’s called bossy?.

       In a little more than a month, the video generated more than seven million views and thousands of comments around the globe even catching the eye of Lean In author and Facebook COO, #Sheryl #Sandberg, who shared the video on her Facebook page.
       Today, #Pantene has earned 241,100,081 overall earned media impressions and 227,072,270 digitally.
       #Forbes quoted the video for portraying gender labels effectively, while #Time lauded Pantene’s efforts to break down the sexist workplace stereotype in one ad.
       Through pure organic growth and virality, the video has made waves in the United States, on programmes such as #ABC World News Tonight and even Good Morning America. 

Watch the Video

Click on the link #Why is he called boss, but she’s called bossy? to view the short video clip.

In Our Tiny World 
Sometimes, the answer does not lie with the gender, but how a message is conveyed or simply how the world perceives a woman or a man. Here are some anonymous comments collected:

1. When a boss puts his or her foot down at work, is he or she being perceived in the same way by subordinates regardless of gender? Would you say your female boss is a bitch when she does it, or that your male boss is just being professional and doing a good job? Or is it in how the message is being passed and the tone of voice used that dictates how the leader is being perceived?

Food for thought: In the United States, a Gallup poll was done recently and 40 per cent of women and 29 per cent of men preferred a male boss to a female one for various reasons. And in an article bNatalie Campbell, in Guardian (UK) dated 21 January, it was reported that 35 per cent of leaders in the UK public sector are women, although 51 per cent of the population in the UK is femaleIs this poll result affected by gender stereotype or culture or are women trying poor leaders? 

Although local statistics are not available at press time, the brochure of the National University of Singapore for its Executive Education Women in Leadership course highlights that it is proven that "organizations with greater gender diversity in management tend to perform better, yet institutional barriers and the pressures to conform to gender norms make it difficult for women to rise to the top". Hence to  bring more women into the boardroom, there are now professional courses like this to equip women for boardroom success. In its course outline, one of the core focus of the NUS five-day course is "issues and challenges of women leaders in Asia", which reiterates the need to break the effect of the view of society and Asian culture on the performance of female bosses. Perhaps not by coincidence, but need that a similar three-day course being offered at the Singapore Management University called Leadership and Women addresses how women can overcome a certain self-limiting type of behaviour and mental models that we tend to adopt generally with tools like the right work-life integration and strategic network that leads to career success.

For me, most of my ex-bosses were female. I've come away having more respect for my female bosses for their fairness and professionalism, and ability to hold the team together.

1. Is this true? Yes/No.
What are your views? Please feel free to leave an appropriate comment in #Simply Beauty Comment Box below.

2. Is it really true that when men wear branded clothes, they are just looking smart and women are just being showoff as highlighted in the video?

There are a mix of views for these.  In general locals with a larger built feel that they are only able to find smart office wear that they can fit into from international labels, which cater to Europeans or Caucasians who usually have a bigger built, whereas local boutiques usually cater to the majority of the petite Asians.   

Regardless of gender, some interviewed say that one is just being brand conscious with extra cash to flaunt when one wears branded or designer clothes. And those who appreciate fashion trends, good cuts and quality fabrics, find that good fashion labels are known for their quality fabrics, workmanship, designs that flatter most body shape especially those with pear shaped body, and usually leave a person appearing smarter. However, we must add that small boutiques also offer quality designs at a steal if you know where to go. However, we must not forget upcoming local designers who also offer good designs. Unfortunately, their works do not have as much exposure as fashion labels from more established fashion houses in the international arena.

At the end of the day, is it taste that is important and knowing how to mix and match your clothes that count? Perhaps branded clothes by more well-known designers have been given more exposure with those seasonal international fashion shows held in fashion capitals in London, Paris and New York, which are often reported in the dailies and various publications every season. 

2. Is this true? Yes/No.
What are your views? Please feel free to leave an appropriate comment in #Simply Beauty Comment Box below.

3. When a man pays attention to personal grooming, do you think he is just being neat? On the other hand, is a woman vain when she takes pains to look her best for work, and spends an hour prepping before she's finally out of the door? Many makeup artists I've interviewed in the past decade say the same thing, which is best summarised by the Chinese saying that there is not one woman who is ugly, except for those who are too lazy to care about their outward appearance. Personally I feel that personal grooming is important as it makes one feel good oneself and is a form of respect for others. 

A paid research by Proctor and Gamble in 2011, revealed that women who enhance their appearance with makeup gives the impression that they are capable, reliable and amiable. However, in an article by New York Times, the author then went on to highlight that the use of right makeup colours to look professional in the boardroom is key to send across the right message to colleagues, associates and clients.

So what about one's crowning glory for surely one's hairstyle and hair condition completes the whole look. To go the other extreme about looking good and hair, well aware of the link between self-esteem and bad hair days, P&G holds an annual Beautiful Lengths Day in the United States since 2006 to encourage those with healthy long hair to donate healthy hair for the creation of real-hair wigs for women who have lost their hair to cancer treatments.If one's coif does not have any effect in one's self-esteem, then up to September 2013 there wouldn't have been up to 28,000 real-hair wigs being delivered to female cancer patients in the United States, unless the demand is there.   

3. Is this true? Yes/No.
So what are your views? Please feel free to leave an appropriate comment in #Simply Beauty  Comment Box below.

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REVIEW/SHOP Staying Fresh Smelling Longer in our Humid Weather

I love having fresh smelling hair; who doesn’t? With my daily exercise regime I wish that I can skip the daily wash and remain stay fresh smelling. Perhaps you’ve been caught in situations when you have no time to wash up after preparing dinner for a cosy party, and wish you hair didn’t smell of all the cooking? With Christmas just round the corner, perhaps Elastine perfumed shampoo and conditioner range can come in handy.

Both shampoos smell great and lather well. As the shampoos lather up, the bathroom is filled with the respect scents. I love it when my hair almost instantly softens and leave my hair untangled after I massaged the conditioner onto the length of the hair. The shampoo doesn’t leave my hair limp, as you can see from the before after shots.

I prefer to use a leave in conditioner so that my hair is less dry (please see pictures below). In fact, the day after the shampoo, my hair is surprisingly softer and silkier.

One thing I’d like to highlight is that although the sales person won’t say the shampoos have a difference in scent intensity, for me the aroma of Pure Breeze is more easily detectable and seem to fragrant any small space that I am in as the hair is left to dry naturally, as compared to Love Me. So those of you whom I met while trialling this shampoo range, this is the answer to why my “perfume” seems to be more overpowering than usual.

The real question is how long does the scent last on the hair? For me it can last up to three days. And there wasn’t any layer of oily residue on my scalp on the third day, as compared to when using my usual shampoo and conditioner.

Elastine Shampoo & Conditioner de Perfume Shampoos and Conditioners are scented with:

Pure Breeze
Top Notes: White Rose and Geranium
Middle Notes: Bulgaria Rose, Muguet, Water Lily
Base Note: White Tea, Cedar wood and Musk

Love Me Range
Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit and Peach
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom and Jasmine
Base Note: White Musk and Ylang-Ylang

Why are these scents chosen? Well, Korean celebrity Kim Tae Hee, known for her roles in Korean dramas Love Story in Harvard and Iris chose them. However, note that perfume expert Jean-Marie Santatoni, who was involved in the development of CK and Sonia Rykiel Homme scents also helped to put the scent together. The scent was introduced into the range with the use of a patent pending Scent Emulsifying Technology by LG Household & Healthcare.

Effects on Scalp and Length of Hair:
Curry Plant Flower Oil, Jojoba Oil and other conditioning agents moisturise and leave hair glossy and manageable.

On a visit to The Face Shop retail store, there was a sign indicating that the shampoo also prevents scalp itch.
One day after using Pure Breeze shampoo and conditioner. No leave in conditioners used

Both shampoos are great and I would have both so that I can alternate the scents I wear according to my moods. The only limitation is that there are only two scents to choose from. Perhaps Elastine could look into a greater variety soon. I’d be so glad I used this shampoo range during a hectic period when I have so many chores to complete in between making an impromptu trip to the neighbourhood store. With the scent in the shampoos and conditioners, I avoid spritzing my regular perfumes to avoid confusing the scents. Would you?
Elastine Shampoo de Perfume and Conditioner de Perfume in Pure Breeze Shampoo and Love Me are available at S$12.90 each. Each of them is packaged in a 600ml pump bottle.

The range retails at The Face Shop outlets.

SHOP The Great Gatsby Revival

Jazz Age makes a comeback at  kimrobinson with Gatsby-inspired accessories. Designed by the style maestro Kim Robinson himself, the 1920s accessories with a touch of modern interpretation are luxe with emerald-cut crystals or elegant gold studs. Robinson’s favourite are the bands, which can be styled so that they reference the 1920s, although they are not traditional flapper style bands. “The beading references the 1920s, but we’ve styled it on the band in a different, unexpected way which makes it a much more modern and show-stopping style.”

Available exclusively at  kimrobinson.

Singapore: 391 Orchard Road, #02-12 Ngee Ann City, tel +65 6738 8006

Hong Kong: 106 Chater House, 8 Connaught Road, tel +852 2121 8484

Photos: Courtesy Warner Bros, kimrobinson