TRIAL/REVIEW DR Georgia Lee Anti-Hairloss Shampoo and Solution

TRIAL DRGL Anti-Hairloss shampoo and scalp tonic

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I’ve been meaning to post this blog for a few weeks now…. I used DrGL Anti-Hairloss shampoo for two months and the scalp tonic for about a month. Recently I find myself rubbing my eyes as much as when my bangs was growing out a few years ago and was poking into my eyes. Other than from dryness of eyes due to  working on the laptop all day, I find shorter coarse hair growing out of my scalp close to my temples. This is the spot where hair growth is sparse and I  see more of my scalp compared to the rest of my head for past few years.  As I have not cut or trimmed my fringe in the past year, these shorter strands of hair  must be new growths.
During shampoo, I still see hairfall, and i felt that the part of hair length that is closer to the scalp where I concentrate on massaging the shampoo over the scalp thickened. As I colour my hair, i protect salon coloured hair with a  shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair over the length of the hair, just to be on the safe side.
How does this set of hair and scalp care work?
DR GL Shampoo and scalp tonic
1. How does it work?
DrGL: The vitamins , peptides and growth factors in the products are selected for their hair regrowth properties.
2. I noticed that when I skip one day before the next shampoo the hair fall during shampoo is more than if I were to wash everyday. Why does this happen?
DrGL: The shampooing action will dislodge some hair in the exogen phase (finer hair that is on their way out) . When you skip the shampooing, these hair on their way out may have been spared from the traction.
3. How does it help hair regrowth?
DrGL: The peptides selected have specialised effects on stimulating hair growth
4. How to use the serum? Can it be used at any time of the day right after hair shampoo?
DrGL: Yes it can, the serum is gently massaged onto the cleansed scalp
5. Do both products need to be used every day to have permanently less hair fall? Or it can be stopped at a certain stage? DrGL: Hair loss unfortunately will afflict us as we get older, so when to maintain the results, it must be continued until another science breakthrough
6. My husband uses Selsun Blue anti-dandruff shampoo as it leaves his scalp less oily. But I noticed that I see more of his scalp when he uses this shampoo. Does it mean it doesn’t help his balding problem?
DrGL: If the hair loss is advance , he will need oral medication or hair transplant. This shampoo helps to reduce further hair loss in this group
7. How should a man nearing 50 manage hair loss and balding situation? Is using hair loss shampoo good enough?
DrGL: Hair loss issues in men should be targeted early as it is progressive being hormonal and genetically driven. Topical hair products helps to reduce the loss but oral medication when started early may help to reverse this. In more advanced situation, hair transplant can be considered but there must be enough autologous donor hair sites to make this a successful exercise  
VERDICT:   Well, as I’ve mentioned on my trial, it works as I find new hair regrowths. The length of time it takes for everyone to see results differs as it also depends on one’s stress level, diet and sleep etc. If you find that your hair is thinning, This set of Dr GL shampoo and scalp tonic may be worth checking out. Don’t wait too long to take action on falling hair to cut the losses.

Dr GL Anti-Hairloss cleanser,  S$88 (100ml)
Dr GL Anti-Hairloss Solution, S$158 (100ml)


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