NEW/NEWS Update Your Look with Goldwell Reallusion 2014

Update Your Look
What’s new in the world of haircolour? Other than keeping hair shades closer to your original black like a rich brown such that new growth is not obvious, reducing the need to touch up, new hair colour trends still hover around this money-saving hair colour.

At Goldwell’s launch party held at La Salle School of Art in March, Reallusion unveils 2 new shades that play with optical trickery and illusion. Unexpected colour combinations and bobs with a modern and livelier twist. Goldwell Reallusion delivers highly versatile looks imbued with kaleidoscopic effects.

Brilliant Multi-tonal Colors
Color Zoom Reallusion micro-weaves vibrant hues together for subtle elements of surprise. Two new trend colors from Goldwell include Reallusion Sparkling Brown (5BV) and Reallusion Peachy Beige (IOBB).

Reallusion Sparkling Brown is a wearable yet fashionably cool brown tone refined with an exciting sparkling touch of violet, that is obvious only under bright lights or at upon a second glance. TIP: To get away from the monotony of a single hair colour, opt for streaks of Reallusion Scarlet Red (7RR MAX + 5R + RR Mix = 2:1:1) for skin with warm undertones OR Reallusion Grape Violet (10V + 5VA + 8SB = 2:1:1) a cooler option for cooler skin tones.

For the adventurous, Reallusion Peachy Beige is a modern peachy-beige character refined with shimmering gold reflects. TIP: Clever blend with subtle touches of Reallusion Rosy Pink (SV@10 + AB@9 + Pk@all = 30:5:2) helps enliven the hair style and monotony of a single whole head colour.

Multi-dimensional Cuts and Versatile Looks

Symmetrical shapes, striking bangs and layers add dimension and style to your cut. These multidimensional cuts define the kaleidoscope effect of the Goldwell Reallusion colours. Simply vary the hairstyling to match your wardrobe for different occasions from edgy and sleek, to sophisticated and glamorous.

For the Guys

Available at authorised salons offering Goldwell's Reallusion colours. 
Call Goldwell at (65) 6681 4743 for your nearest stockists in Singapore.


The feast and setting
Go behind the scenes of this international campaign:

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