REVIEW Volume creating styling products from Redken leaves me with a fashionably tousled hair that also looks healthier

Fashion Waves Look

Valentine's is one of the times every woman ensures their hair stays in place and well styled. Other than staying away for windy places dining place (get the hint?), it is important to use the right styling product to hold your coif. Here are reviews for two Redken's latest products I tried, and incidentally, how to have the lovely airy windblown look using these styling products.

Fashion Wave Signature Look
I used two of the products in the latest Redken launch—Wind Blown 05 and Ruffled Up 14.

Ruffled Up 14
I am very impressed by the texture of Ruffled Up 14 as it is non-oily and non-sticky gel. I coiled up my hair in a bit to create more waves in my 2 year old permed hair, after applying this gel to towel dried hair and pinning up the tight coils. Then my hair is left to dry naturally. See the picture for result. Although it is not stated in the press release, I find that the gel transforms my dry and frizzy to healthier curls when I released the hair from the pin.
Result after releasing curls from pins

Wind Blown 05
Unlike the usual hairspray used to fix a hair style, Wind Blown 05 puffs up hair naturally without the stiff finish. The great part is that tresses remain flexible through the day. Note that the correct way of creating voluminous hair is as what artist Adam Browne advised below. I think this dry volumising finishing spray is great not just for create body and volume in fine hair. I find that it would also come in handing for creating volume around the scalp, especially if like me hair close to the root sticks to the scalp thus making the hair look flat, but towards the ends, hair is voluminous. Now I can  find balance.

Below are some tips on how to use the whole range from hairstylists in the Redken international team. With Redken, freelance hair expert #GregOh stresses the importance of using each product correctly to see desired results.

How to create fashionably tousled hair by Redken
All these years, Redken has been working behind the scenes slicking, shaping and scrunching model’s hair before they walk down the catwalk at the seasonal fashion shows in Paris. Here are four products created specially to help you wear your coif with long lasting style:
Redken Fashion Waves 07

Fashion Waves 07 texturising Sea Spray reinvents the beach hair by bringing out natural waves in your hair.
Key Ingredient: Magnesium Sulphate or Epsom salt adds instant texture to create effortless tousled hair.
Tip from artist from #Toronto, #JorgeJoao: Mist damp hair with Fashion Waves 07 and allow to dry naturally. Then reapply throughout the day to re-animate waves.
Priced at S$39
Redken Ruffle Up 14
Ruffled Up 14 volume building gel gives hair fashionably frothy texture and roughed-up volume. The lightweight gel adds dry grip and medium hold for a perfect yet messy hair style.
Tip from artist from #Los Angeles, #AdinaDoss : Warm up Ruffle Up 14 in palms and quickly tease hair to add texture and grip to hair.
Priced at S$39
Redken Wind Blown 05
Wind Blown 05 dry volumising finishing spray captures the airy movement of wind-blown hair and the soft volume it creates. This ultra-light finisher instantly gives hair an airy touch with naturally tousled body for a perfectly undone style.
Tip from artist from #London, #AdamBrowne : Bend forward and bring all your hair to the front. Mist hair with Wind Blown 05 and shake it out to create volume.
Priced at S$39

Redken Loose Endings 09
Loose Endings 09 flexible defining cream enhances the shape of straight hair while adding piecy separation with texture and shine.
Tip from artist from #Germany #DanielGolz : Apply Loose Endings 09 to towel-dried hair.
Priced at S$39

Tip from local stylist #Chester Wai from #HairPhilosophy:
Ruffled Up 14 is best for fine to medium textured hair or for a super big blowout. It provides excellent grip with a light weight texture. Fashion Waves 07 creates natural styled looks. Use as a primer to create a perfect base for textured styling.

Redken Signature Look Collection is available at authorised Redken Haircare salons. Call 1800-838 3388 for your nearest stockist.

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