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SHOP/REVIEW Skin revitalising skincare to help the multitasking women stay fresh and appear energetic all day

Irregular sleep patterns and late nights on top of a high stress job can cause us to appear tired and disinterested in our work as our skin becomes sluggish and appears tired over time. 

Being aware of the stresses of modern lifestyle, French beauty house Lancome launched a new multi-functional skincare range, ENERGIE DE VIE (translated as Energy of Life) to help the urban women appear professional, energetic and fresh at all times. This skin care range pampers, strengthens and revitaises tired skin by six times more than regular skincare range, with ingredients like antioxidant Goji Berry, stimulating collagen and elastin boosting French Melissa and skin strengthening Gentian. With regular use, it slows down skin ageing as it regenerates skin's cellular barrier function against skin inflammation and preserves its energy, to reveal a more youthful you.

We highly recommend this skincare for the frequent traveller as it keeps skin hydrated throughout the flight.

SMOOTHING & GLOW BOOSTING LIQUID CARE intensively hydrates and pampers skin, leaving the complexion smooth and radiant.

SMOOTHING & PLUMPING PEARLY LOTION seals and locks in skin hydration to revive a healthy glow.. Instantly revives a healthy looking glow. It also makes a great skin revitaliser for a late night out.

OVERNIGHT RECOVERY SLEEPING MASK intensively hydrates and plumps up skin to leave you appearing fresher. This ultra light mask neutralises skin-damaging free radicals, improves skin elasticity and instantly cools skin temperature by 1.8°C. It is a great pick me up for a stressful deadline period marked by long hours at work and late nights. 
The lotion and mask are freshing and light. I am amazed that the skin still looked hydrated and appeared rested by the time we disembarked at Hong Kong airport at 5.30am.

Pressured, recycled cabin air can lead to skin dehydration. Lancome Engergie de Vie Liquid Care helps skin stay hydrated.

For the eyes, Lancome Genefique Yeux Light Pearl soothes puffy eyes and dark eye circles. 

To fight increased exposure to radiation during air travel, Lancome Energie de Vie Sleeping Mask is packed with antioxidants to protect skin.

For women who are experiencing fluctuating hormonal levels, prevent development of new dark spots with Lancome Blanc Expert Spot Eraser from Lancome's whitening skincare range.

Lancome Energie de Vie range is available at Lancome counters. For details surf to

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CREDIT: picture of model courtesy of Chai25182518 at FreeDigitalPhotos

TRIAL/FACIAL Is it possible to look younger and fresher in one hour? Simply Beauty finds out at Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa

My belief that I can maintain youthful, beautiful skin through home care products alone may be crushed today. All it took was two hours at the opening of the second outlet of Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa at Pacific Plaza Level 3.

The qualities that changed my mind:
1 Luxurious Space with Art Theme
This spatial art-themed spa is divided into seven cabins, each with a different theme from nature. Unlike traditional facial cabins, the rooms are well ventilated, cool, spacious and decked with wall paper that brings an element of nature into the room. The feature wall of each treatment room is decked with floor to ceiling scenes of the Santorini Aegean Sea, generic forest, a golf course, the ocean and icy mountain that evoke a sense of restfulness and relaxation upon walking into the rooms.
Beach Side 
Feather Painting 



Ocean Room

Santorini Aegean Sea

2 Lavish Beddings
Walking into the cabin, I was warmly welcomed by the lush comforter, sewn with ruffles and glistening fabrics that add a touch of class to the whole room.

3 Comfortable and Effective Beauty Session
Most importantly, the facial treatment was done at a comfortable pace with results in one hour. Supreme QX Beauty Spa at Pacific Plaza is the first certified spa offering bSoul Luxe ingredients and TCM-inspired massage techniques that hail from the East. bSoul which comes from Italy contains eco-friendly phytoceuticals. Based on molecular extracts of plants, its Phytoceutical Complex enhances the treatments with biocompatibility, providing natural foods for the skin with strong healing benefits. It is great for sensitive skin as it is free of parabens, petroleum, SLES, paraffins, silicones, PEG and not tested on animals. Factor vegans and animal lovers would be most happy to know.

The pace of the treatment and massage strokes of the therapist was so comfortable that I was lulled to sleep barely a few minutes into the massage. Most importantly the East-meets-West treatment includes point massage strokes that tone the skin, reduce puffiness caused by water retention and improve blood circulation. I woke up to calmer complexion, more even skin tone, toned skin and with a sharper V-shape.

My skin became softer to the touch immediately, and it felt just as soft the next morning.

Types of Treatments Available
If you are concerned about your chubby cheeks and less than toned body, check out its Hydra Detox Treatment and Lower Body Water Retention Treatment. They set the body in deep detoxification process to address cellulite and stubborn fats and tone the body.

Hydra Detox Treatment (Body) is priced at $188 (30 minutes) and $376 (60 minutes). It addresses water retention and fats with draining and detoxifying treatments using herbal powder and sea salt.

Magic Tone (Face) is priced at $398 (90 minutes); $498 (105 minutes) This is a skin firming and toning treatment for all skin types.

Intensive Acne Away I is priced at $228 (90 minutes) For those with pimples and acne prone skin, this cleansing and purification treatment is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. It boosts skin healing and reduces pimple growth.

Intensive Acne Away II (with TCM) is priced at 398 (105 minutes) Using exclusive Meridian Tissue Manipulation philosophy, this treatment improves cell renewal and skin’s natural defence against bacteria. A course of treatments is recommended to see results of a smoother and acne-free complexion.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. That's what bSoul is About

The philosophy behind bSoul is to respect your skin and heal it lovingly and gently with botanical products minus common skin irritants. To illustrate this point, the staff at Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa  Pacific Plaza did a thorough skin analysis using a machine from Korean.

They found that I have thin skin which results in uneven patches.
Undergoing skin analysis after the facial treatment.
Notice the sharper jawline?

Further analysis on the hyperpigmentation on my skin, they found that some of the freckle like spots had a white spot inside. This means that a light-based treatment I had undergone in the past did not successfully eradicate the spot. To treat my skin, the suggestion is to heal and strengthen the skin gently using their basic range. They suggest using their day cream for the day and ply on a sun protection only when I would be staying outdoors for long hours or during outdoor exercises. The key point is to respect the skin.

They also suggested that I do not try to make my freckles "disappear" but to treat my skin gently with bSoul botanical products after my skin has regained its resilience.

When moisturising skin, it is better to gently pat the formulation onto the skin using the warmth of our palms, than to massage it into the skin with our fingers. Reason being, the skin can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients at a time, massaging with our finger tips will not help much. However, the warmth of our palms is able boost absorption of the nutrients from the formulation deeper into the skin. I was also told that a little of bSoul cream or lotions can go a long way, hence it would be a waste to slather on too much of the product.

Valid till 31 August 2016
To celebration the opening of Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa Pacific Plaza, enjoy the following treatments at a special price point:
Hormone Balance Therapy, $138 60 minutes (usually $198)
This treatment addresses hormone related issues like acne, weight gain, chronic fatigue, mood swings, stress and water retention.

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa Pacific Plaza is located at #03-09/10. Tel 6738 1617
Operating Hours: 11am to 8.30pm
Saturday and public holidays: 10.30am-7pm

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READERS QUESTIONS ANSWERED Dr Georgia Lee Tips on Managing Burns and Other Effects of Red Lights

Dr Georgia Lee, founder and medical director of TLC Lifestyle Practice answers burning questions by a reader of Simplibeauty, T Adams:
Credit: nenetus/

What can I do if a burn mark is seen after using a skin gadget that treats skin with red light for four minutes on an area?
Cool down the area with cool compress and apply topical steroid ointment, if it is available. If topical steroid ointment is not available, try pure aloe vera gel or DrGL Restore Gel Mask as a gel. Continue using the topical steroidal ointment or a gentle skin soothing gel for a few days and stop when the redness settles. Treat any post inflammation hyperpigmentation, if it occurs later. Try products containing vitamin C and avoid unnecessary unprotected sun exposure. Note that hyperpigmentation can happen to anyone who is susceptible; especially in Asian and people of colour. For those who fall into this category, even superficial burns can lead to hyperpigmentation.
Seek medical help if needed.
However, if the burn has open wound or abrasion, apply cold compress with clean sterile gauze if available, apply antibiotic ointment and seek medical help early.

Four things to note when using anti-ageing gadgets using red light:
1 To be on the safe side, first time users should always do a test area first and wait a few minutes before embarking to treat the whole face.
2 If glycolic acid laced products are part of your regular skincare regime, avoid using these products on the day of the device application. If total avoidance of such skincare is not practical, reduce the contact time of the device.
3 If you are using strong medical grade acne medication, avoid areas where it is applied as this can sensitise the skin and cause it to be more susceptible to burns. 4 In areas with hyperpigmentation or redness, the area in contact with the device may reach a higher temperature faster and cause the area to be more susceptible to burns.

Do you have UV allergy?
If you have UV allergy, you would usually find hives and rashes after sun exposure. In this case, note that skin may have lower heat tolerance and thus have a higher risk of burns.
For skin that has suffered a burn, switch to a gentler skincare as most skincare are designed for intact skin and applying it to the exposed inner skin layer can irritate and potentially sensitise the skin to the same product in future. Try DRGL Cleanser Sensitive and DRGL Restore Gel Mask.
Having mentioned that, Dr Lee is quick to add that it is best to avoid any skincare over the burn area, especially if there is an open wound. Even when the skin has healed, avoid using AHA or renewal antiaging product over the newly healed area as it can still be sensitive and may slow down the recovery phase. If you have sensitive skin and the area affected is small, splashing water over that the affected area is enough to cleanse it.  

How will gadgets that treat skin with red light hurt the eyes?
There is no study to show that red light from such gadgets can cause macular degeneration in the eyes. That being said, it is best to avoid using it too near to the eyes as the glare and heat (40°C to 41°C) may increase the risk of cataract over prolonged period of time. Also the state of heating the eyeball when treating periorbital area as regular as twice a week may have adverse effect in the long run.

Dr Georgia Lee
TLC Lifestyle Practice is located at 9 Scotts Road, #11-04/05 Pacific Plaza. S 228210.
Make an appointment at 6462 0083.

Dr Lee’s skincare line is available online at 

Simplibeauty Team would like to thank T Adams for writing in. Hope your skin recovers well.  Stay youthful always.

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SHOP/REVIEW Achieve flawless complexion with Anna Sui Illuminating & Protective BB Cream

Magical Complexion

BB  Creams have come a long way to enhance your complexion, leaving it the K-Beauty flawlessness. Today, Anna Sui offers two types of textures that stand out against most of existing BB formulations in a few areas:

Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream

How does it beautify your skin:
It contains these key ingredients that benefit skin one way or another:
Moisturising: Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, hydrolised silk and honey keeps skin moisturised.
Emollient texture: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil contributes to easy blending and spreadability.
Enhanced blood circulation: Acorus Calamus Root Extract
Radiance enhancer: Pearl Powder

Most Importantly, it has:
longwearing effect
maintains skin moisture
minimises the appearance of enlarged pores and plumps up skin

Anna Sui Protective BB Cream

How does it beautify your skin:
It contains these key ingredients that benefit skin one way or another:
Moisturising: Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, hydrolised silk and honey keeps skin moisturised.
Emollient texture: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil contributes to easy blending and spreadability.
Astringent: Peppermint Leaf Extract
Radiance enhancer: Pearl Powder

Most Importantly, it has:
multi-functions as sun protection, primer, foundation and skincare
semi-matte finish
very light-weight
high coverage with translucent finish


Anna Sui BB Cream spreads and blends easily, making application a breeze.

Above are the before after shots of Anna Sui Protective BB Cream on my skin. After heavy perspiration, I found that the makeup remains amazingly intact. There is no streaking even as I perspire and my rouge which usually glides off under such situation was still visible and continues to be the reason my cheeks are rosy. With such results, this is the best makeup to use for Christmas when you need to appear guest ready even after slogging over the food for your Christmas party. You won't have to worry about the high humidity in Singapore or the kitchen melting your makeup. 

As you can see, this Protective BB Cream minimises the appearance of my hyperpigmentation and leaves my skin smoother with a soft glow.

One other important feature of this BB Cream is its high SPF 50 PA++++ protection. At a price of S$39, this cream is really worth your dollar.

Both Anna Sui Illuminating and Protective BB Cream are priced at S$39 each.

Available at all Anna Sui beauty counters in Singapore.

Disclaimer: The review of the product is based on my trial.

SHOP/TRIAL Finally extensive gentle skincare for sensitive skin that also helps to retard ageing

Does your skin flush easily when there is a temperature change? Over time, do you find that signs of ageing have become more obvious, but the anti-ageing skincare available are too harsh for your skin?
Photo by alexisdc from free digital
Finally an extensive range of skincare for sensitive skin. Women with sensitive skin will eventually wish to address signs of ageing other than their sensitive skin issues. Declare is the first that I've seen in my past 20 years writing about beauty for women's magazines with formulations to:
1- offer immediate relief to stressed and irritated skin
2- hydrate
3- address anti-ageing skin issues
4- address oily skin and clogged pores
5- hyperpigmentation

What's important in caring for sensitive skin?
Using a gentle cleaner that doesn't not strip of its natural oils. The Declare Gentle Cleansing Powder in particular has a sugar base.

What if your skin is prone to eczema?
If you are prone to eczema, use the Declare Stressbalance range to calm stressed and irritated skin. Using the range over time will help strengthen skin gradually to help prevent outbreak of eczema. It is a great skincare that toughens skin against environmental factors like haze and smog to prevent outbreaks or rashes or skin sensitivity, says Barbara Sandner-Troll, the managing director of Troll Cosmetics, the head office of Declare Switzerland in Austria. Once skin is less sensitive, you can proceed to use the other products in the range for sensitive skin.

Can sensitive skin use face lifting products?
Yes, Declare Vitalbalance Intense Lifting Effect Ampoule offers immediate effects to lift skin. it also improves elastin and collagen oveentr time to improve skin firmness.

To lift sagging skin and also to treat wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, use the
1 Declare Vitalbalance Intense Lifting Effect Ampoule
Declare Agecontrol Night Essential Serum after the ampoule

To prepare an important event the next day use, restore skin radiance with Declare Caviar Perfection Caviar Beautifying Serum. It also restores reduces wrinkles, as it firms skin. To firm and lift tired skin, use Declare Caviar Perfection Caviar Immediate Effect Firming Mask for intensive firming treatment. It can be used every night like a sleeping mask for intensive firming treatment. It is also Barbara's favourite face mask.

What's unique to Declare Switzerland skincare range for sensitive skin is SRC Complex (Sensitivity-Reducing Complex). It builds up skin resistance to irritation, rashes and itch with botanical ingredients. Restoring balance to skin on three levels, it:
1, improves skin barrier function to reduce skin sensitivity and increase natural resistance of the skin.
2. Reduce skin irritation for a uniform complexion
3. Active cell protection to prevent cell damage and premature ageing through re-hydrating skin

What make the complex great:
1 Ectoin: Natural moisture binder that preserves skin moisture through slow release of moisture, builds up skin immune system by enabling cell protection, support skin protect and repair mechanism. It prevents premature skin ageing through guarding it against light-related cell damage like UVA rays.

2 Sensiline, derived from Linseed extract, has anti-inflammatory actions to suppress rashes, itching and swelling, while building a physical barrier against irritants. Linseed soothes skin by encouraging natural oils secretions to keep skin soft and well-moisturised.

3 Structurine, fro lupines albus seed extract firms skin through improving collagen production and reducing trans-epidermal water loss by regenerating skin's barrier function.

TRIAL of Declare Anti-Irritation Serum and Declare Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream

Declare Anti-Irritation Serum is an ultra light serum that soothes stressed skin. Hyaluronic acid and moisturisng complex plumps up skin to leave skin radiant. Biophytex boost microcirculation to boost even skin tone. Structurine boosts skin protective function.

We love the modern dropper incorporated into the cap that dispenses the right amount of serum. This light packaging and hidden dropper makes it convenient to include the serum into your travel kit for trips minus spills.

Declare Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream is a soothing cream that reduces skin sensitivity and helps build its resistance towards stress and sensitivity.Calendula extract boosts healing of wounds and reduce inflammation. Allantoin promotes skin regeneration for anti-ageng benefits and chamomile extract restores the appearance of damaged skin for an overall sense of relief and a smooth complexion.

Using my regular Luminescence skincare on one side of my face and these two Declare skincare products, I noticed that the skin is plumber the next day post-Declare skincare. The part of skin where Declare was used also became more hydrated after one use and makeup applied seems to last longer than before.

Declare Anti-Irritation Serum, $130
Declare Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream, $101

Declare Switzerland is available at Donna "Spa, Marylande and Pola Anchor Point. Please go to

Disclaimer: The review of the product is based on the product trial.

REVIEW/TRIP Tips on how to manage freckles and hyperpigmentation skin with Lancaster the DNA expert

Are freckles hyperpigmentation ruining your makeup finish? Following are some information you need to know before you go any further with layering more makeup and concealer to cover up the flaws.

Do you know that:
·        Asian skin is more vulnerable to pollution and UV rays that cause pigmentation and darkening of the skin?
·        Asian skin is more prone to uncontrolled pigmentation and dark spots after minimal exposure to the sun?
·        Asian skin has a unique set of skin needs and requirements?
These are some of the findings confirmed by research at Coty’s laboratories.
With these in mind, Lancaster formulates a gentle, yet well-rounded anti-darkening solution to manage hyperpigmentation in Asian skin—Sun Control Sensitive Skin oil-free Soothing Face Emulsion SPF50/PA+++ and 365 Anti-Dark Spot serum. With over 500 patents under its belt, this latest whitening sun care line for sensitive skin is the first such product for Lancaster.

Being pre-disposed to hyperpigmentation, I have found whitening facials coupled with whitening skincare as well as sun block is one of the solutions to lighten existing freckles and prevent new ones from appearing on the skin. This is the reason, I am excited to hear that Lancaster re-launches with their latest Sun Control Sensitive Skin oil-free Soothing Face Emulsion SPF50/PA+++ and 365 Anti-Dark Spot serum. The Sensitive Skin oil-free Soothing Face Emulsion SPF50/PA+++ protects sensitive skin from UV rays, while preventing complexion from darkening. The 365 Anti-Dark Spot serum on the other hand works on lightening existing dark spots.

REVIEW of the duo
Lancaster Sun Control Sensitive Skin oil-free Soothing Face Emulsion SPF50/PA+++
This is one of the lightest sun protection I’ve ever used. What’s great is its non-greasy finish and that it doesn’t leave a white veil over the skin.
Arm after slathering on Lancaster Sun Control Sensitive Skin 
oil-free Soothing Face Emulsion SPF50/PA+++
Lancaster 365 Anti-Dark Spot Corrector Serum
This serum is quickly absorbed into the skin and does not leave any sticky afterfeel, a much-desired property for our humid weather.
Although the sun filter could not be seen after application, it seems like
perspiration after an hour's exercise caused the sun protection to become obvious on the skin.
(Note: serum was applied before the sun protection was slathered on)
How do these products work?
Lancaster Sun Control Sensitive Skin oil-free Soothing Face Emulsion SPF50/PA+++
Bisabolol and d-pathenol: Both ingredients soothe skin to prevent reaction to sun exposure.

High SPF50/PA+++: A blend of UVA and UVB filter to protect the skin.

Melanin Inhibitor Complex: Neutralises 95% free radicals and ensure overall fair complexion with patented antioxidant complex, which limits melanin production and controls melanin distribution within the skin.

Lancaster 365 Anti-Dark Spot Corrector Serum
DNA-Bright Complex: Corrects dark spots and uneven skin tone by regulating the formation of melanin with a blend of ingredients including vitamin C derivative, extracts of daisy and red algae, and liquorice.
Patented liposome: Composed of four DNA repair enzymes, which boost cell renewal and regeneration. It also removes skin-dulling melanin accumulated on the skin to leave skin brighter and radiant.

Both products are available at Sephora located at ION and Tampines 1.

Lancaster Sun Control Sensitive Skin oil-free Soothing Face Emulsion SPF50/PA+++, S$55
Lancaster 365 Anti-Dark Spot Corrector Serum, S$85
Mademoiselle Pauline Ducruet, ambassador of Lancaster Asia

With the introduction of these products and announce the new face of Lancaster in Asia, Pauline Ducruet, a diving champ who competed at the Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore in 2010, Lancaster took the press and bloggers out to sea. It was a day with overcast, but note that it is important to slather on your sun protection. Here are a few picture we snapped:
All on board
Lancaster charging forward
Sailing past St John's Island
World War II lookouts hidden at Sentosa island

Sailing back to land and the rain as stopped

Review/Shop Hot weather skin saver L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime

Living fast paced lifestyle, most of us unconsciously wish everything would work like a vending machine. But for skincare, one is usually told to use the product(s) faithfully for 28 days to see obvious results. However, L’Occitane succeeds in speeding up results with its latest skincare range. Addressing the needs of busy working women as well as stay-at-home mums who usually have no more than 2 minutes to enhance their appearance, this latest L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime offers immediate and long-term ‘skin-perfecting’ results.
Coincidentally, this new range is based on skin perfecting properties drawn from Peony, a flower that blooms in Spring and Summer, which is about now. L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime skincare line revolves around the flower’s ability to leave skin appearing brighter, fresher and, more refined and even-toned than before.
Here’s a review of three of the products Simplibeauty received from L’Occitane:

Reviewed products from the L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream and Mist

REVIEW L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime skincare range
Upon applying the Mist and Cream after facial cleansing, the skin feels slightly cooler and softer than before. Skin feels plumped up for the rest of the day. The subtle scent of the velvety peony from the products leaves me feeling positive and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

We also love the mist which can be used to prep the skin before the other skin care products goes on the face, and also as a refreshing spritz anytime of the day to refresh the senses and the skin. It also reducing the appearance of obvious pores and has a delicate scent of peony extracts which lingers for a few minutes. The Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream is light-textured. It is an intelligent cream which hydrates skin, and keeps skin soft with its smart hydration-adjusting properties that help skin to adjust and adapt to the climate and humidity.

See improved skin radiance and skin refinement over the two days when the products are used.
Natural ingredients are used.
Peony extract: Correct skin texture irregularities
Hyaluronic acid: hydrate skin
Horse chestnut extract: Gives skin a fresh glow and reduces the appearance of uneven skin tone
Mineral-based pigments and interferential pearlisers: improves appearance of skin optically with light-reflecting ingredients
Tinted Lip Balm:
It is not often that a lip balm is included in a skincare range. But there’s good reason to include this lip balm. Available in three tints and one colourless formula, this lip balm softens lips and keeps it hydrated for up to eight hours with perfecting peony extract. It also protects lips from the ageing and damaging effects of UV exposure with SPF25.
L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Nude

The Pivoine Sublime Tinted Lip Balm completes this skincare range that enhances your beauty. Unlike most lip balms, it softens lip lines and hydrates lips while also brightening skin tone and the face. It has a subtle sweet taste to boot.
Smear of L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Tinted Lip Balm

Before L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Tinted Lip Balm

Brighter complexion and smoother lips with
L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime Tinted Lip Balm

Available at all L’Occitane outlets in Singapore and their website

Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream, S$67
Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Mist, S$28
Pivoine Sublime Tinted Lip Balm, S$33 each

For more information and details of the other products in this range, please go to L'Occitane Singapore website.
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