TRIAL/FACIAL Is it possible to look younger and fresher in one hour? Simply Beauty finds out at Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa

My belief that I can maintain youthful, beautiful skin through home care products alone may be crushed today. All it took was two hours at the opening of the second outlet of Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa at Pacific Plaza Level 3.

The qualities that changed my mind:
1 Luxurious Space with Art Theme
This spatial art-themed spa is divided into seven cabins, each with a different theme from nature. Unlike traditional facial cabins, the rooms are well ventilated, cool, spacious and decked with wall paper that brings an element of nature into the room. The feature wall of each treatment room is decked with floor to ceiling scenes of the Santorini Aegean Sea, generic forest, a golf course, the ocean and icy mountain that evoke a sense of restfulness and relaxation upon walking into the rooms.
Beach Side 
Feather Painting 



Ocean Room

Santorini Aegean Sea

2 Lavish Beddings
Walking into the cabin, I was warmly welcomed by the lush comforter, sewn with ruffles and glistening fabrics that add a touch of class to the whole room.

3 Comfortable and Effective Beauty Session
Most importantly, the facial treatment was done at a comfortable pace with results in one hour. Supreme QX Beauty Spa at Pacific Plaza is the first certified spa offering bSoul Luxe ingredients and TCM-inspired massage techniques that hail from the East. bSoul which comes from Italy contains eco-friendly phytoceuticals. Based on molecular extracts of plants, its Phytoceutical Complex enhances the treatments with biocompatibility, providing natural foods for the skin with strong healing benefits. It is great for sensitive skin as it is free of parabens, petroleum, SLES, paraffins, silicones, PEG and not tested on animals. Factor vegans and animal lovers would be most happy to know.

The pace of the treatment and massage strokes of the therapist was so comfortable that I was lulled to sleep barely a few minutes into the massage. Most importantly the East-meets-West treatment includes point massage strokes that tone the skin, reduce puffiness caused by water retention and improve blood circulation. I woke up to calmer complexion, more even skin tone, toned skin and with a sharper V-shape.

My skin became softer to the touch immediately, and it felt just as soft the next morning.

Types of Treatments Available
If you are concerned about your chubby cheeks and less than toned body, check out its Hydra Detox Treatment and Lower Body Water Retention Treatment. They set the body in deep detoxification process to address cellulite and stubborn fats and tone the body.

Hydra Detox Treatment (Body) is priced at $188 (30 minutes) and $376 (60 minutes). It addresses water retention and fats with draining and detoxifying treatments using herbal powder and sea salt.

Magic Tone (Face) is priced at $398 (90 minutes); $498 (105 minutes) This is a skin firming and toning treatment for all skin types.

Intensive Acne Away I is priced at $228 (90 minutes) For those with pimples and acne prone skin, this cleansing and purification treatment is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. It boosts skin healing and reduces pimple growth.

Intensive Acne Away II (with TCM) is priced at 398 (105 minutes) Using exclusive Meridian Tissue Manipulation philosophy, this treatment improves cell renewal and skin’s natural defence against bacteria. A course of treatments is recommended to see results of a smoother and acne-free complexion.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. That's what bSoul is About

The philosophy behind bSoul is to respect your skin and heal it lovingly and gently with botanical products minus common skin irritants. To illustrate this point, the staff at Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa  Pacific Plaza did a thorough skin analysis using a machine from Korean.

They found that I have thin skin which results in uneven patches.
Undergoing skin analysis after the facial treatment.
Notice the sharper jawline?

Further analysis on the hyperpigmentation on my skin, they found that some of the freckle like spots had a white spot inside. This means that a light-based treatment I had undergone in the past did not successfully eradicate the spot. To treat my skin, the suggestion is to heal and strengthen the skin gently using their basic range. They suggest using their day cream for the day and ply on a sun protection only when I would be staying outdoors for long hours or during outdoor exercises. The key point is to respect the skin.

They also suggested that I do not try to make my freckles "disappear" but to treat my skin gently with bSoul botanical products after my skin has regained its resilience.

When moisturising skin, it is better to gently pat the formulation onto the skin using the warmth of our palms, than to massage it into the skin with our fingers. Reason being, the skin can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients at a time, massaging with our finger tips will not help much. However, the warmth of our palms is able boost absorption of the nutrients from the formulation deeper into the skin. I was also told that a little of bSoul cream or lotions can go a long way, hence it would be a waste to slather on too much of the product.

Valid till 31 August 2016
To celebration the opening of Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa Pacific Plaza, enjoy the following treatments at a special price point:
Hormone Balance Therapy, $138 60 minutes (usually $198)
This treatment addresses hormone related issues like acne, weight gain, chronic fatigue, mood swings, stress and water retention.

Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa Pacific Plaza is located at #03-09/10. Tel 6738 1617
Operating Hours: 11am to 8.30pm
Saturday and public holidays: 10.30am-7pm

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