SHOP/TRIAL Finally extensive gentle skincare for sensitive skin that also helps to retard ageing

Does your skin flush easily when there is a temperature change? Over time, do you find that signs of ageing have become more obvious, but the anti-ageing skincare available are too harsh for your skin?
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Finally an extensive range of skincare for sensitive skin. Women with sensitive skin will eventually wish to address signs of ageing other than their sensitive skin issues. Declare is the first that I've seen in my past 20 years writing about beauty for women's magazines with formulations to:
1- offer immediate relief to stressed and irritated skin
2- hydrate
3- address anti-ageing skin issues
4- address oily skin and clogged pores
5- hyperpigmentation

What's important in caring for sensitive skin?
Using a gentle cleaner that doesn't not strip of its natural oils. The Declare Gentle Cleansing Powder in particular has a sugar base.

What if your skin is prone to eczema?
If you are prone to eczema, use the Declare Stressbalance range to calm stressed and irritated skin. Using the range over time will help strengthen skin gradually to help prevent outbreak of eczema. It is a great skincare that toughens skin against environmental factors like haze and smog to prevent outbreaks or rashes or skin sensitivity, says Barbara Sandner-Troll, the managing director of Troll Cosmetics, the head office of Declare Switzerland in Austria. Once skin is less sensitive, you can proceed to use the other products in the range for sensitive skin.

Can sensitive skin use face lifting products?
Yes, Declare Vitalbalance Intense Lifting Effect Ampoule offers immediate effects to lift skin. it also improves elastin and collagen oveentr time to improve skin firmness.

To lift sagging skin and also to treat wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, use the
1 Declare Vitalbalance Intense Lifting Effect Ampoule
Declare Agecontrol Night Essential Serum after the ampoule

To prepare an important event the next day use, restore skin radiance with Declare Caviar Perfection Caviar Beautifying Serum. It also restores reduces wrinkles, as it firms skin. To firm and lift tired skin, use Declare Caviar Perfection Caviar Immediate Effect Firming Mask for intensive firming treatment. It can be used every night like a sleeping mask for intensive firming treatment. It is also Barbara's favourite face mask.

What's unique to Declare Switzerland skincare range for sensitive skin is SRC Complex (Sensitivity-Reducing Complex). It builds up skin resistance to irritation, rashes and itch with botanical ingredients. Restoring balance to skin on three levels, it:
1, improves skin barrier function to reduce skin sensitivity and increase natural resistance of the skin.
2. Reduce skin irritation for a uniform complexion
3. Active cell protection to prevent cell damage and premature ageing through re-hydrating skin

What make the complex great:
1 Ectoin: Natural moisture binder that preserves skin moisture through slow release of moisture, builds up skin immune system by enabling cell protection, support skin protect and repair mechanism. It prevents premature skin ageing through guarding it against light-related cell damage like UVA rays.

2 Sensiline, derived from Linseed extract, has anti-inflammatory actions to suppress rashes, itching and swelling, while building a physical barrier against irritants. Linseed soothes skin by encouraging natural oils secretions to keep skin soft and well-moisturised.

3 Structurine, fro lupines albus seed extract firms skin through improving collagen production and reducing trans-epidermal water loss by regenerating skin's barrier function.

TRIAL of Declare Anti-Irritation Serum and Declare Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream

Declare Anti-Irritation Serum is an ultra light serum that soothes stressed skin. Hyaluronic acid and moisturisng complex plumps up skin to leave skin radiant. Biophytex boost microcirculation to boost even skin tone. Structurine boosts skin protective function.

We love the modern dropper incorporated into the cap that dispenses the right amount of serum. This light packaging and hidden dropper makes it convenient to include the serum into your travel kit for trips minus spills.

Declare Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream is a soothing cream that reduces skin sensitivity and helps build its resistance towards stress and sensitivity.Calendula extract boosts healing of wounds and reduce inflammation. Allantoin promotes skin regeneration for anti-ageng benefits and chamomile extract restores the appearance of damaged skin for an overall sense of relief and a smooth complexion.

Using my regular Luminescence skincare on one side of my face and these two Declare skincare products, I noticed that the skin is plumber the next day post-Declare skincare. The part of skin where Declare was used also became more hydrated after one use and makeup applied seems to last longer than before.

Declare Anti-Irritation Serum, $130
Declare Skin Meditation Soothing & Balancing Cream, $101

Declare Switzerland is available at Donna "Spa, Marylande and Pola Anchor Point. Please go to

Disclaimer: The review of the product is based on the product trial.


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