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SHOP/TRIAL Holiday Must-Haves from ANNA SUI

Anna Sui launch their Holiday 2016 Collection
Looking back into intricate and vintage detailing married with modern technology, the collection includes products like lip plumping colour that has both properties of lip glosses and lipsticks, that leave lips kissably smooth and soft.

This twist and apply pen smoothens and plumps up lips and leaves a coat of longerlasting colour on the lips.

Moisture Capsule Oil immediately moisturises and softens lips. Shield Oil locks in moisture and leaves a thick layer of even, protective film to plump lips, conceal lines, and deliver intense moisture.
The amino acid-derived moisture capture oil and Fit Oil keep lips soft and comfortable without any high2 shine.

Colour No 600

Colour No 300

Priced at S$12 each.
Also availabe are colourless LIP TREATMENT PEN to plump up lips and smooth out lines on the lips. Priced at S$43 each.

Should you need to do a quick check of your makeup in public, whip out an elegant mirror like this. A beautiful packaging inspired by the vibrant colours of the majestic peacock looks like an accessory in your hands to enhance your image.

Priced at S$50 each.

Packed in a golden spherical container is a melt-on-your-skin cream that gives your skin and hair a gorgeous glow.

Water-soluble polymers and Moist Emulsion add to the blendability of the cream to spread easily on the skin and moisturise skin and lock in moisture.

Paste Oil helps keep lamé clinging to the skin to add some sparkle to décolleté, arms, and hair.

Perfect for a sparkling holiday party or to add a touch of glamour to your everyday routine.

Priced at S$35 (While stocks last)

ANNA SUI COFFRET SET (Limited Edition)

Get a Makeup Box in vibrant shades of turquois inspired by the majestic peacock. Measuring W150mmxH150mmxD100mm, the box comes with an ANNA SUI Brush Lip Treatment and a Holiday Card.

Priced at S$58 per set (While stocks last)

Available at all ANNA SUI counters islandwise in Singapore.

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SHOP/REVIEW Battling the haze with a gentle bath and body line

Staying Fresh in Humid Weather

With the return of the haze, we have been reminded time and again to don clothes with long sleeves as the particles found in the haze can irritate skin. So what happens if you have to wear a skirt or short-sleeved clothes? Other than using towels or scrub clothes to slough away dead skin cells and the irritants during your daily shower, you can also reach out for a gentle exfoliating shower gel.

Body and bath care offering all the relaxing properties and benefits of essential oils through the use of these products has been available for a long time. Among the latest products to be launched is L’Occitane Aromachologie Rebalancing range, which rebalances the senses and body. 

L’Occitane Aromachologie Rebalancing range

Awaken your senses, help restore balance, well-being and harmony to body and mind with products that contain re-energising scent and ingredients with scientific rebalancing effectiveness.

A cocktail of essential oils cypress, juniper, lemon, thyme, eucalyptus, ground olive pits and lemon peels. This blend work together to energise the senses and the body when the products are used.

Aromachologie Rebalancing Exfoliating Shower Gel 250ml, $33

REVIEW: I love this shower gel for its refreshing scent. It is also gentle on my dry skin as it does not strip it of its natural oils and leave skin itchy after use.

This exfoliating shower gel containing purifying essential oils helps to revive the skin. Its scent is 100% natural and helps to awaken your senses, promoting well-being and harmony to body and mind.

Aromachologie Rebalancing Massage Cream, $69 (200ml)
The ultra light texture of the massage cream melts on the skin without leaving skin sticky
REVIEW: This massage cream is amazingly light and nourishing. It instantly hydrates my skin without leaving any sticky or oily-afterfeel. Skin feels refreshed upon application and appears brighter than before. After a few minutes, my skin feels firmer than before.

Five essential oils work together to stimulate microcirculation and re-oxygenate the skin. Its scent is 100% natural.

After scrubbing your skin, it is good to protect the skin with a gentle moisturiser.
1. Look for a light lotion if you prefer not to have a sticky afterfeel.
2. If your skin tends to get itchy after being out in the haze, try a moisturiser packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and E or ingredients like pomegranate and lemon.
Find out more about L'Occitane and aromacology

Available at L’Occitane outlets in Singapore and L’Occitanewebsite.

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Credits: Model picture by Marin from freedigitalphotos.

SHOP/REVIEW The refreshing whiff of Cherry Blossoms right here in Singapore

In Spring, many have flocked to Japan and Korea to gaze at the pretty Spring blooms and enjoy the refreshing scent of these blooms. Imagine walking among Cherry Blossom trees and being enveloped by the scent of these flowers. Now, you get to enjoy the refreshing scent of these Spring blossoms with L’Occitane’s Fleur de Cerisier L’Eau right here in Singapore. 
*Cherry Blossom Trees

This fruity fresh blend of cherry blossoms refreshes with the first whiff of citrusy top notes made up of lemon, blackcurrant and watermelon. It then warms up into a delicate trial of cherry blossom, blended with cherry blossom fruit, violet and rose, before settling into a sensual base with a musky woody trial.

The range includes a shower milk, moisturising milk, hand cream and handbag size fragrance touch.

I love the Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau Shower Milk as it is gentle on my dry skin and it lives a lingering floral trial on my skin after the shower. The hand cream enriched with shea butter softens my hands, which is dry from frequent washing.

The packaging of this limited edition scent is well-designed with tiny cherry blossoms embossed onto the transparent glass bottle. A unique opaque red tube within the bottle adds a graphic touch to the design of the bottle.
This gentle Shower Milk is gentle on the skin, refreshes the senses during the shower
and leaves a refreshing floral trial on the skin 
Scented Hand Cream moisturises hands as it refreshes the senses with the floral scent
Prices of Products in the range:
L'Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier L'Eau EDT is available at S$68 (50ml) (Limited Edition)

L’Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau Shower Milk is available at S$32 (250ml)

L’Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau Moisturizing Milk is available at S$47 (250ml)

L’Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau Hand Cream is available at S$15 (30ml)

L’Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau Fragrance Touch, $39 (14ml)   

For details, please go to Make your online purchase above S$80 before March 4th, 2015 to receive a beauty gift. 

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*Photo of Cherry Blossom trees by Aduldej at

SHOP/REVIEW L'Occitane comforting Shea Butter body line

Scented Body Moisturisers and the rest of the range
Over the years, I’ve come to love scented body moisturisers more. These scented beauties keep the skin hydrated, smooth and soft while also enveloping your body with a scent you love. Of course, this means that product has to meet more than one criteria before you purchase it– hydrate, leaves your skin comfortable and smells nice. My most recent fav is from L’Occitane’s Whipped Shea Butter range.

L’OCCITANE has created this incredible, feather-light texture and blended it with an exceptional concentration of shea butter in the new Whipped Shea Butter Bodycare Collection. Nourish your skin with a texture so rich and yet as soft as whipped cream.

How does it work?
Shea butter: Nourishes with vitamins and fatty acids, while it softens and protects

Giving Back To Society
L’Occitane is into blessing the world through its success by contributing financially to international causes such as the visually impaired. To help the visually impared from completely losing their sight, L’Occitane launches a solidarity product each year to contribute 100% of the profits* from the sale of the Apricot Solidarity Soap to  finance NGOs working on eye health projects in developing countries, with the support of the L'OCCITANE Foundation.
*Sales price in store minus taxes, transport and production costs


The cream nourishes skin like a balm, except that it has a lighter texture--that of a mousse. Made with 10% skin nourishing shea butter, it quickly hydrates as it is massaged into the skin, leaving skin supple and comfortable.

What makes it great?
Other than shea butter, it also nourishes and protects skin with shea butter oil.

How to use?
Apply on clean and dry skin and massage in circular movement. Best to just after towel-drying skin from a shower so that the nutrients from the mousse could penetrate into the softened skin better.

The mousse cream has the comforting scent like a baby’s talcum powder. And it seems to leave a light but matte film on the skin to seal in moisture and protect it. Best for those with dry skin. The comforting scent lingers on for hours.

SHEA BUTTER WHIPPED HAND CREAM, $15 (30ml)  Limited Edition

The Shea Whipped Hand Cream has a playful yet smooth texture. Made with a high concentration of shea butter (25%), it helps to nourish, protect and soften the skin.

What makes it great?
Other than shea butter, it also nourishes and protects skin with shea butter oil.

How to use?
Use at any time of the day and as often as necessary
1 Use it immediately after washing your hands to maximise benefits.
2 After towel-drying hands, massage a small amount onto the backs and palms of your hands with large circular motions. 2 minutes of gentle massage will allow the cream to penetrate the upper layers of your skin for immediate comfort
3 Take time to work the formula into your fingers, over your knuckles, and on the dry areas between your fingers
4 Massage excess cream onto each finger, from the top of the knuckle down to the ends of your fingertips

How does it work?
Other than shea butter, it also nourishes and protects skin with shea butter oil.

The hand cream smells less powdering than the Shea Butter Whipped Hand Cream and has a lighter texture. The hand cream softens both my skin and the hang nails. The dry and white hang nails seem to disappear after my hands are moisturised.

If you are a person into details, you would also notice that the cream that this squeezed out of the tube has a nice ribbing, unlike the other hand creams from L’Occitane. A great plus point, if you have a penchant for things beautiful.


This apricot-scented solidarity soap is made with shea butter to gently cleanse the skin.

How to use?
1 On damp skin, create a soft foam by rubbing the soap between your palms
2 Gently massage the lather onto your skin
3 Rinse

Beauty Tips
  1. Fragrance your clothes the natural and traditional way. Simply leave a bar of soap in your drawers and wardrobes!
  2. Moisturise your hands after washing them to keep them nourished and protected, especially if the water from your tap has a high limestone content.
  3. Use soap to clean your make-up brushes. Wet a cloth and rub some soap onto it, then swipe the brushes back and forth on the cloth until clean. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. For those who enjoy gardening, put several pieces of soap in a stocking, tie a knot, and hang it near your outdoor tap. That way, you'll always have your soap on hand.

I like the fresh apricot scent of this bar soap. It has a subtle tangy touch that refreshes the senses. I used it on driest part of my legs which usually itches after using drying shower gels. The verdict is there is no itch or skin discomfort. My skin was as comfortable as can be even half an hour after shower. It leaves a very subtle lingering scent or almost undetectable scent on the skin.

This range is also great for dry weathers in countries experiencing four seasons and lower humidity. The packaging is light and will not take up much of your luggage allowance.

For more information, please go to
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SHOP Body Beautiful Kits from Sephora

Show off your beautiful nails (and hence hands).


Nails Inc

Alexa Hearts Nails Inc Set, $95
When going to the manicurist for nail art just can’t fit into your schedule, opt for this Alexa Hearts set. Simply slick the top coats with these beautiful Heats, Stars or Holographic shapes onto your nails for a 3-D nail finish, or slick any of these top coats over any complementary nail shade. This set consists of:
Top Coats:                                                                         
ALEXA STARS, silver and gold stars top coat
ALEXA HEARTS, a heart top coat with the brightest of red hearts
ALEXA HOLOGRAPHIC, a shimmering top coat

Non-top Coats:
ALEXA CASHMERE, the gorgeous cashmere formulation in soft pink􀀃
ALEXA􀀃EDIT NIGHT SKY, Alexa’s favourite shades edited into a deep dark navy shade

ALEXA WINTER LILAC, Alexa’s favourite lilac given a gorgeous make over

Body Fresh
Enjoy a luxurious bath that leaves you smelling and feeling good.
An aromatic bath range is all you need to make a hazy day better. Sephora’s popular Bath collection comes in a seductive limited edition packaging:
The scent that will make bathtime a dream is the exclusive scent of festivity and totally addictive fragrance marked by notes of bergamot, ylang-ylang, peony and patchouli.

The products have a clubbing vibe added to the packaging in print to make the bathroom pulse!
Sephora Bath Party Body Lotion, $15
Sephora Bath Party Body Scrub, $15
Sephora Bath Party Bubble Bath & Shower Gel, $16
Sephora Bath Party Handwash, $10
Sephora Bath Party Limited Edition Assortment Pouch, $30
Sephora Bath Party Premium Box Assortment, $45

Gifts to consider:

Mini Multicolor Bath Pearls, $10, mini bath pearls make a fistful of confetti. The silvery pearls with a touch of rainbow colours adds a boost of energy to make the bath as euphoric as our state of mind.

Scented Fizzy Bath Bomb Box, $18, in six colours for various effects, once dissolved in water softens skin and envelopes your body with fragrance.

Hands Creams Set, $26, softens the hands and coats them with the scent of Blueberry, Cotton Flower or Mango.

Sephora Bath Party Limited Edition Assortment Pouch, $30, packs Party Bubble Bath and Shower Gel 250ml and a Party Body Lotion 190ml into a Limited Edition Assortment Pouch.

Sephora Cotton Flower Bubble Bath and Shower Gel Set, $28, presents Party Bubble Bath and Shower Gel 260ml, Party Body Scrub 140ml and Party Body Lotion 190ml in a golden premium box.

All of the above are available at Sephora. Please visit for details.

REVIEW/CHARITY Help Eyesight Impairment and Condition skin with L'Occitane Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection

Best Skincare for Dry Skin
L'Occitane Shea Protection Package
To kick off a new year, L’Occitane one of the best natural skincare brands, supports the visually impaired with the launch of limited edition Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection. It comes in a series of three new scents: Rose Tenderness, Passionate Jasmine and Subtle Velvet. The main ingredient in this range is skin softening and moisturising Shea Butter, one of the best anti-ageing moisturiser around.

Giving Back to Society
Doing its bit for charity, 100 per cent profits from the sale of Rose Tenderness Solidarity Soap will finance eye-health projects run by NGOs in developing countries with the support of the L’Occitane Foundation.

For me, not being able to see clearly is a handicap, having impaired eyesight leading to severe or total loss of vision would be unthinkable. Should I lose my eyesight, I will definitely miss the beauty of creation and its beautiful colours. It also means losing my independence. It is suffocating. Yet, apparently there are almost 285 million people in the world who are visually impaired. Out of this figure, 80 per cent of blindness is avoidable.

If you think eyesight impairment is worth saving, let’s give L’Occitane a helping hand to improve eyesight through the financing eye-health projects from the sale of this lovely soap.

Factual bits about L’Occitane Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection
L’Occitane  Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection is combined with three flowers to create three varieties of lip balm, hand cream and body cream – Rose Tenderness, Passionate Jasmine and Subtle Violet.

Ultra Rich Body Cream: Has 25 per cent of shea butter to soften dry skin.

Lip Balm: 10 per cent of shea butter soothes and soften dry lips. It is made with ingredients that are 100 per cent of natural origin with 55 per cent from organic farming and 10 per cent fair trade.

Hand Cream: If household chores have left hands rough and dry, 20 per cent of shea butter in this cream will restore the softness you used to know. Best if used after each hand wash.

The scents in this package:
Rose Tenderness: The soft smell of freshly picked roses from rose extract, in which I detected notes of a milky-sweet rose, in the Ultra Rich Body Cream and Solidarity Soap is the most pleasantly aromatic among the three in this range, yet not overpowering. Most of all this blend of rose is soothing and sets me in the right mood for any challenges.

Passionate Jasmine: Subtle scent of jasmine flowers from the jasmine extract can be detected in the Organic Lip Balm.

Subtle Violet: This scent from velvet extract in the hand cream is so light, it is almost undetectable among the three here.

Moisturiser REVIEW
Ultra Rich Body Cream (Rose Tenderness), $42 100ml
Upon slathering this body cream onto the dry skin on my arm, it felt like it’s sitting on my dry skin at first. After a while it penetrates my skin and leaves a very light veil over the skin as it continues to nourish and soften my skin.

When using this body moisturizer at a recent getaway, I could feel the pleasant rose scent drifting into the lecture room as I walked towards my seat and also filling my little space in the serenity. This makes one of the best dry skin treatments.

L’Occitane’s latest Hand Cream in Subtle Violet, $15.50 30ml/$44
I love L’Occitane Hand Creams for two reasons. They leave my skin soft and hydrated as I diligently slather it on after washing my hands. The scent of the hand cream seems so calming each time I slather it on. L’Occitane’s latest Hand Cream in Subtle Violet is very mildly scented compared to the Mango and Fleur Cherie I’m currently finishing. If you prefer a hand cream infused with as little scent as possible, this may be a good choice. After using Subtle Violet Hand Cream for a few weeks, my nose gradually got accustomed to its subtleness and eventually learned to pick out the scent as soon as it is slathered it on and it’s no longer too mild for my taste.
For those who love unscented hand creams, L’Occitane Hand Cream, 150ml version is available in its own limited edition design print.

L’Occitane Lip Balm in Passionate Jasmine, 15ml
This gloss instantly softens lips as I massage it over my lips with my finger. Amazing how the gloss gradually softens bits of my lips to eventually ‘dissolve’ even the hardened bits of dry skin. Lips feel kind of numb though as it is moisturized and softened. I could detect the Jasmine scent the moment the gloss touches my lips. With this lip gloss, it feels like I’m breathing out the scent of jasmine as it seems to fill my mouth.  Definitely something I need to get used.

Solidarity Soap 50g: The soap is gentle and pampers skin with hydration and the lovely rose scent fills the bathroom and envelopes the body after the shower. Unlike some moisturising soaps, Solidarity Soap does not become mushy after it’s been used for a few washes.
For your nearest stockists, go to

NEWS Get the latest refreshing bath and shower set at Crabtree & Evelyn

Welcome to my English Garden At Crabtree & Evelyn

Imagine having afternoon tea at a breezy English meadow, as the gentle wind and wonderful smell of nature ease away the cares of the world.

Start the day with..... 
Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow collection the latest launch that will help you start and end a day as refreshingly as its sparkling notes. Although it is referred to as a fruity floral scent, it is not as sweet as most fruity floral scents I've come across. I was drawn to its mostly crisp green first whiff marked by bergamot, dew-kissed blackberry buds tamed by notes of bitter greens of ivy and fern. The scent then develops into subtle floral heart notes of fragrant white flowers such as water lily and geranium before it is warmed up and settles into a musky base with willow, moss and musk. What a wonderful scent to envelope yourself with as you overcome the challenges of the day.

This bath and body collection consists of: 

1.  an Eau de Toilette, $58 50ml and Bath & Shower Gel, $35 200ml (picture below)  

2.Scented Body Lotion, $40 200ml and Hand Therapy, $33 100g

3. For the first time, Crabtree & Evelyn has created a Perfume Gel, $25 12ml, in place of a balm which accompanies the current regular bath and body collection. This gentle scented gel comes in a pretty silver packaging with little floral detailing that you can easily slip into your handbag and proudly take it out to refresh your senses. 

Not to be missed PROMOTIONS 
at all Crabtree & Evelyn Store:
(from 19 April to 19 May 2013)

1. Spend a minimum of $150 nett in a single receipt and receive a 1-for-1 lunch buffet offer at 
Marriott Café, Singapore Marriott Hotel. Valid for Mondays through Saturdays.

2. Spend a minimum of $120 nett in a single receipt and you get to leave the store with a lovely Limited Edition Somerset Meadow Umbrella.

* Offer is limited to one per customer, while stocks last. 
* Terms and conditions apply. 

Membership has its Privileges
Direct Mailer

If you are a member of Crabtree & Evelyn you would have received the above mailer which offers you special sets at $88. (details in the direct mailer)

Hope you are now as refreshed as I sign off.
If you love this beautiful set up (picture the beginning of this post) as much as I do, hurry down to the VivoCity outlet to purchase the collection, enjoy the promotion (only from this Friday 19 April) and perhaps snap a picture of it for keepsake. I'm sure the staff won't turn away a customer who has just made a purchase at the store, will they?  (wink*)

This set up will be removed in a few days.

Happy shopping.