REVIEW/CHARITY Help Eyesight Impairment and Condition skin with L'Occitane Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection

Best Skincare for Dry Skin
L'Occitane Shea Protection Package
To kick off a new year, L’Occitane one of the best natural skincare brands, supports the visually impaired with the launch of limited edition Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection. It comes in a series of three new scents: Rose Tenderness, Passionate Jasmine and Subtle Velvet. The main ingredient in this range is skin softening and moisturising Shea Butter, one of the best anti-ageing moisturiser around.

Giving Back to Society
Doing its bit for charity, 100 per cent profits from the sale of Rose Tenderness Solidarity Soap will finance eye-health projects run by NGOs in developing countries with the support of the L’Occitane Foundation.

For me, not being able to see clearly is a handicap, having impaired eyesight leading to severe or total loss of vision would be unthinkable. Should I lose my eyesight, I will definitely miss the beauty of creation and its beautiful colours. It also means losing my independence. It is suffocating. Yet, apparently there are almost 285 million people in the world who are visually impaired. Out of this figure, 80 per cent of blindness is avoidable.

If you think eyesight impairment is worth saving, let’s give L’Occitane a helping hand to improve eyesight through the financing eye-health projects from the sale of this lovely soap.

Factual bits about L’Occitane Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection
L’Occitane  Shea Flowers of Love Bodycare Collection is combined with three flowers to create three varieties of lip balm, hand cream and body cream – Rose Tenderness, Passionate Jasmine and Subtle Violet.

Ultra Rich Body Cream: Has 25 per cent of shea butter to soften dry skin.

Lip Balm: 10 per cent of shea butter soothes and soften dry lips. It is made with ingredients that are 100 per cent of natural origin with 55 per cent from organic farming and 10 per cent fair trade.

Hand Cream: If household chores have left hands rough and dry, 20 per cent of shea butter in this cream will restore the softness you used to know. Best if used after each hand wash.

The scents in this package:
Rose Tenderness: The soft smell of freshly picked roses from rose extract, in which I detected notes of a milky-sweet rose, in the Ultra Rich Body Cream and Solidarity Soap is the most pleasantly aromatic among the three in this range, yet not overpowering. Most of all this blend of rose is soothing and sets me in the right mood for any challenges.

Passionate Jasmine: Subtle scent of jasmine flowers from the jasmine extract can be detected in the Organic Lip Balm.

Subtle Violet: This scent from velvet extract in the hand cream is so light, it is almost undetectable among the three here.

Moisturiser REVIEW
Ultra Rich Body Cream (Rose Tenderness), $42 100ml
Upon slathering this body cream onto the dry skin on my arm, it felt like it’s sitting on my dry skin at first. After a while it penetrates my skin and leaves a very light veil over the skin as it continues to nourish and soften my skin.

When using this body moisturizer at a recent getaway, I could feel the pleasant rose scent drifting into the lecture room as I walked towards my seat and also filling my little space in the serenity. This makes one of the best dry skin treatments.

L’Occitane’s latest Hand Cream in Subtle Violet, $15.50 30ml/$44
I love L’Occitane Hand Creams for two reasons. They leave my skin soft and hydrated as I diligently slather it on after washing my hands. The scent of the hand cream seems so calming each time I slather it on. L’Occitane’s latest Hand Cream in Subtle Violet is very mildly scented compared to the Mango and Fleur Cherie I’m currently finishing. If you prefer a hand cream infused with as little scent as possible, this may be a good choice. After using Subtle Violet Hand Cream for a few weeks, my nose gradually got accustomed to its subtleness and eventually learned to pick out the scent as soon as it is slathered it on and it’s no longer too mild for my taste.
For those who love unscented hand creams, L’Occitane Hand Cream, 150ml version is available in its own limited edition design print.

L’Occitane Lip Balm in Passionate Jasmine, 15ml
This gloss instantly softens lips as I massage it over my lips with my finger. Amazing how the gloss gradually softens bits of my lips to eventually ‘dissolve’ even the hardened bits of dry skin. Lips feel kind of numb though as it is moisturized and softened. I could detect the Jasmine scent the moment the gloss touches my lips. With this lip gloss, it feels like I’m breathing out the scent of jasmine as it seems to fill my mouth.  Definitely something I need to get used.

Solidarity Soap 50g: The soap is gentle and pampers skin with hydration and the lovely rose scent fills the bathroom and envelopes the body after the shower. Unlike some moisturising soaps, Solidarity Soap does not become mushy after it’s been used for a few washes.
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