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Nails Inc

Alexa Hearts Nails Inc Set, $95
When going to the manicurist for nail art just can’t fit into your schedule, opt for this Alexa Hearts set. Simply slick the top coats with these beautiful Heats, Stars or Holographic shapes onto your nails for a 3-D nail finish, or slick any of these top coats over any complementary nail shade. This set consists of:
Top Coats:                                                                         
ALEXA STARS, silver and gold stars top coat
ALEXA HEARTS, a heart top coat with the brightest of red hearts
ALEXA HOLOGRAPHIC, a shimmering top coat

Non-top Coats:
ALEXA CASHMERE, the gorgeous cashmere formulation in soft pink􀀃
ALEXA􀀃EDIT NIGHT SKY, Alexa’s favourite shades edited into a deep dark navy shade

ALEXA WINTER LILAC, Alexa’s favourite lilac given a gorgeous make over

Body Fresh
Enjoy a luxurious bath that leaves you smelling and feeling good.
An aromatic bath range is all you need to make a hazy day better. Sephora’s popular Bath collection comes in a seductive limited edition packaging:
The scent that will make bathtime a dream is the exclusive scent of festivity and totally addictive fragrance marked by notes of bergamot, ylang-ylang, peony and patchouli.

The products have a clubbing vibe added to the packaging in print to make the bathroom pulse!
Sephora Bath Party Body Lotion, $15
Sephora Bath Party Body Scrub, $15
Sephora Bath Party Bubble Bath & Shower Gel, $16
Sephora Bath Party Handwash, $10
Sephora Bath Party Limited Edition Assortment Pouch, $30
Sephora Bath Party Premium Box Assortment, $45

Gifts to consider:

Mini Multicolor Bath Pearls, $10, mini bath pearls make a fistful of confetti. The silvery pearls with a touch of rainbow colours adds a boost of energy to make the bath as euphoric as our state of mind.

Scented Fizzy Bath Bomb Box, $18, in six colours for various effects, once dissolved in water softens skin and envelopes your body with fragrance.

Hands Creams Set, $26, softens the hands and coats them with the scent of Blueberry, Cotton Flower or Mango.

Sephora Bath Party Limited Edition Assortment Pouch, $30, packs Party Bubble Bath and Shower Gel 250ml and a Party Body Lotion 190ml into a Limited Edition Assortment Pouch.

Sephora Cotton Flower Bubble Bath and Shower Gel Set, $28, presents Party Bubble Bath and Shower Gel 260ml, Party Body Scrub 140ml and Party Body Lotion 190ml in a golden premium box.

All of the above are available at Sephora. Please visit for details.


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