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MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS Brighten Up Mum's Day with these hot favourites 2014

Brighten mum's day with the best gifts.

Eye Bright
Soths Dark Circle Eraser (extreme right) from
Sothys Tri-Action High Performance Eye Line

Sothys Dark Circle Eraser, $79, from the Sothys Tri-action High Performance Eye Line is claimed to improve the appearance of mum’s dark eye circles in 15 days. This powdery tinted dual function concealer camouflages the appearance of the dark circles immediately, leaving eye contours brighter, while vitamin PP boosts lipid production to restore skin’s protective barrier function and skin moisture, to indirectly reduce the appearance of lines. For a complete action on wrinkles and puffiness around eyes, check out the rest of the eye skincare range. Available at Sothys beauty salons in Singapore.

Gift of Precious Gold for Mum              
SK Jewellery Golden Carnation
Ring from SK Jewellery Floral Series
Pendant from SK Jewellery Floral Series
For mums who love flowers, SK Jewellery immortalises the beauty of the delicate bloom in a 999 Pure Gold Floral Series and Golden Carnation. The psychedelic rainbow reflection of 999 Pure Gold Floral Series (七彩金) from SK Jewellery Mod Collection Floral reflects the  warmth and love of a mother’s love. Available in pendants, earrings and rings. While the intricate design of its Golden Carnation, a gold-plated blossom expresses the endless patience of her love. Available April and from May respectively, at all SK Jewellery showrooms in Singapore.

Vase For the Modern Mum

Giotto and Rene Garden Pots

Glossy black and matt green versions of designer vases Giotto and Rene
For the minimalist mum, these Giotto Garden Pot (Matt) designed, S$950 (White/W43xD30xH126) and Renè Garden Pot (Matt), $850, (White/W41xD29 xH126) double as fun sculptures to dress up your space. Both are designed by by Miriam Mirri. Available at Platform Pte Ltd, #04-12/13 Mandarin Gallery, tel: 6235 5618 and Design 9.1, #04-24/25 Mandarin Gallery, tel: 6338 6285.

Designer Home Accessories @ Atomi

Designer Graf accessories and Lights @ Atomi

Solar-powered conversational piece hourglass-shaped Sphelar Lantern offers dual lighting 
— turns into a nice soft candlelight glow when flipped over.

Atomi is the first to clinch the right to retail Japanese internationally acclaimed Graf outside of Japan. 

Multi-purpose decorative piece cum book mark, coaster, paper weight or trivet.
Think home accessories with art-like concept and design as function. If you have a penchant for creative ideas such as book marks that do not quite come in the form of a flat piece of cardboard or plastic to stick between pages, pot coaster which an element of design, you should reach for Graf at Atomi.

Simple chopsticks in a triangular shape with coloured tips for easy identification.

atomi x gallery furniture is located at Mandarin Gallery #04-26/27

Ambience Lighting for Cosy Corner

David Trubridge Pendant Lights

Pendant lights like David Trubridge Solar Pendant Light and Coral Pendant Light create ambience. Install it in a cosy lounging corner and allow the shadows cast by the lamp shade create interesting textures on the nearest wall. Simply paint nearest wall in your favourite intense shade for effect, cosy up the area with a lounger to rest in and side table for your glass of wine. Now you have a corner to which you'll rush home to unwind.

Are you getting the relaxing vibes yet?

* David Trubridge has a degree in naval Architecture. He branched out to furniture design and eventually lighting designs. He loves simple styles using low impact, natural materials and processes. In short his eco designs help reduce the carbon footprint in our generation.