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KIDS Another restaurant kids and adults will love, especially on Sundays

Sunday High Tea for Kids
Parenting is a  24/7 commitment and can be tiring sometimes. If you are hoping for some relief and looking for some distraction for your kids on Sundays, American restaurant PrivĂ© Cafe hears you. Other than quality American cuisine adults can savour, and kids' meals to suit children's palette, there are activities planned for them.  

With effect from 4 August, 2013, kids having a meal at the cafe between 3-5pm will be treated to activities such as balloon sculpting and magic trick performances, other than play at the playground. Only on every first Sunday of the month.

PrivĂ© Cafe is located at 2 Keppel Bay Vista and is open to public.
Make your reservations at least 24 hours in advance: 6776 0777 (Telephone) or

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