FOOD/TRAVEL Seoul-Food 2017

On my 2nd trip to South Korea, I stayed in Goyang in the outskirts of Seoul. 

Following is a random list of some snacks or food I have tried:
Japanese traditional red bean paste bread from Hyundai food street.

Review: the bread is very soft and chewy.
Red bean bun: the red bean paste is much sweeter than those from Home plus hypermart.

I bought the bun on the left. Not sure what it is, the sweet paste has a light taste of strawberries.

These are the buns I bought.

Seaweed Snack
Found in Home Plus.

This seaweed-almond sandwich snack is an extension of seaweed snack variety. Perhaps a better choice to the simple seaweed snack to fill your stomach until next meal time.

Auntie Anne Hot Dog
Found in Hyundai food street

Costing 3,500KW this sausage snack is yummy and among the cheapest than the Korean snacks at the food street that can fill my stomach. Interesting find as Auntie Anne in Singapore only has non-meat prezels.

Palaizo Ice Cream
Found in Hyundai food street
This black rice ice cream has a light creamy texture while the rice grains offers a subtle crunchy texture, multi-textured ice cream. 3,500KW single scoop.

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