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Enjoy the festivity of with award-winning Café Direct Tarrazu Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee from Toucans, Costa Rica. This 100% aromatic Arabica roast is a great treat to wake up to with its medium-bodied and sweet peachy notes.

Arabica beans are grown in high altitudes of 1,200-2,000m, which slows down the growth cycle of the coffee, allowing for more complex sugars and acids to develop for that distinct Tarrazu characteristic. Another bonus point about growing these beans in high altitudes is the need for less pesticide than usual, leading to a healthier source.

Coffee Bean Varietals
Café Direct Tarrazu Terroir coffee are from the Caturra and Catuai varietals. Caturra is a mutation of Coffee Bourbon discovered in Brazil, which has high production and is known for its good quality. The higher the altitude they are grown in, the better the quality of the coffee, but the production rate would be reduced. Catuai is a high yielding coffee plant resulting from a cross between Mundo Novo and Caturra. 
These coffee beans are grown by the farmers of the Llano Bonito cooperative.

These beans are known for their bright acidity. Coffee acidity is highly valued; sourness, however, is an extreme of acidity that can be considered as a coffee defect. It is also interesting to note that coffee acidity has a correlation with coffees grown at very high altitudes and in mineral rich volcanic soils.

Café Direct Roast & Ground Terroir Tarrazu,          2 tablespoons
Cold water, 200ml

1 Pour water into container with coffee roast
2 Leave it in container for 12 hours in room temperature
3 After 12 hours, sieve the coffee
4 Serve with ice cubes                                                                               

Method 2 with Plunger
1 Pour cold water into ground coffee
2 Leave the plunger for 12 hours in room temperature. DO NOT plunge
3 After 12 hours, plunge the coffee
4 Serve with ice cubes      

1 Boil fresh cold water (avoid reboiling water), which has more oxygen in it to release the full flavour of coffee
2 Add 1 heaped dessert spoon of Roast & Ground coffee per cup
3 Wait for the water to be just off the boil before pouring it into ground coffee to bring out the rich aroma and avoid scorching the coffee
4 Leave coffee to stand in the plunger for 4 mins before pushing down the plunger
5 Pour into cup. Add milk and sugar to taste

Cafédirect Tarrazu Terroir Roast & Ground Coffee is priced at S$10.96 per pack of 227g. Available at Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, Jasons, Market Place and Redmart.

FOOTNOTE: Source of information on Caturra, Catuai and coffee acidity from and 

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