FASHION SPECIAL Take a peek onto the world of the flower of Chanel, the Camelia

Special Peek Into Coco Chanel World of Flowers and Fragrance

"The Camellia" reveals all of the anecdotes around Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower in this You Tube movie. More than just a camellia, the flower of CHANEL.

“Inside Chanel” ( looks back at the story of Gabrielle Chanel and the iconic creations that generated a legend and built the House of Chanel.

From October 13, 2016, the sixteenth chapter “The Camellia” celebrates the Chanel iconic flower. A symbol of purity and longevity in Asia, this delicate bloom inspired Mademoiselle Chanel who, from 1923, incorporated this key element into her style. This is the reason, you can pin this pretty iconic flower on your garment, use it to adorn your hairstyle, wear a suit with buttons engraved with the bloom. The camellia became one of her signature emblems and remains as the brand's creative element.

These Fall 2016-17 collection are priced from S$690 onwards.

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