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Lavish Treat
Dining on food served by caterers can be as good as what you have been experiencing at hotel restaurants. Today, catering is redefined by LAVISH with outstanding dining experiences served by great chefs and attentive service staff. To be exact, LAVISH seeks to excite your five senses with bespoke dishes that not just look good, but tastes great as well with a re-branding and 18th anniversary gala extravaganza held in January 2016. At the event, 600 guests were transported back in time and brought back to the future,  

Decor along the corridor leading to the event hall

Capture the Memories
 Jerry Sim, Director of Strategic Business, LAVISH Dine Catering Pte Ltd holding up a loaf of traditionally baked bread 

This is what you set up the cameras to ensure picture perfect photography results
Photographers at work
LAVISH divided the event hall into two sections. Walking into a hall with stalls set up in the concept from 1990s, guests are invited to savour local street food such as Peranakan Laksa, Malay Satay and Indian Tandoori Chicken, each served from distinctly labelled carts.

A Taste of The LAVISH Extravaganza at Gardens by the Bay

Malay Station : Assorted Satay
Peranakan Station: Kueh Pie Tie and Traditional Laksa
Chinese Station : Chicken Rice and Roast Duck Crepes
Indian Station: Tandoori Chicken on Skewers
LAVISH 1.0 Peranakan Stall
LAVISH 1.0 Indian Stall
LAVISH 1.0 Malay Stall
Chinese Stall

Singapore Hainanese Chicken

Curtain Call: The unveiling of the new LAVISH 2.0Soon the time came for the unveiling of the company’s new logo, and the dark curtains that divide the expansive hall into two sections, unexpectedly dropped to unveil the impressive food stations that scream the future of catering. 

Titled LAVISH 2.0 the food served was the product of food technology cleverly merged with science to offer the all-sensory, holistic gastronomic repertoire. Unique points of this menu includes modern contemporary cuisine with emphasis on Asian flavours, diverse textures and extraordinary presentations.

Catering mainly to the MICE hub, LAVISH foresaw the call for world-class indoor and outdoor catering, and leveraged on food technology and invested their team. To create an all-encompassing dining experience, the LAVISH team would also take into consideration the d├ęcor and ambient lighting to wow diners. If you are on a special diet that leaves out gluten or shell fish, fret not. LAVISH has in place an extensive list of special diets that go beyond vegetarian, to also include gluten- and shellfish-free, and Jain and Kosher special dietary requirements.

LAVISH 2.0 At the Press Preview

Caulieflower and Foi Gras

Chef working on the Otah dish

Lobster Fritters

Singapore Sling re-packaged

Chicken Rice Sushi

Dessert: Yuzu Meringue

At the Event Hall
The team from LAVISH shows that they can also serve up great food at events. Below are a couple of the display shots and chefs at the live stations.

Instead of having waiting staff carrying food around,
how about using conveyor belt?

The Watering Hole 
Not to be missed is cocktails. Mixes From Mars was part of this pompous event. Bartenders come up with delicious cocktails, close to if not better than the choices guests gave them in the form of ingredients put together in a glass. Tip, do not pick more than 3 ingredients at one go.
For details on Mixes From Mars, please surf to

Work of Experts
Helming the kitchen is award winning Executive Chef Teo Yeow Siang, who led the Singapore culinary team to bag multiple international culinary awards such as the Culinary World Cup 2014 in Luxembourg. For this dining experience, the member of the internationally acclaimed Singapore National Culinary Team member with 13 years of culinary experience created unique numbers that invites gastronomists to expected the unexpected.
Director of Strategic Business Jerry Sim and Chef Teo 
Accolades won at the various international competitions

The Singapore Sling
Instead of serving this signature drink in a tall glass, he uses a special encrusting technique known as spherification to give the cocktail a sensual twist with the Singapore Sling Sphere, with mint granite.

Aesthetics & Dining Experience
Taking the catering a notch up and giving new definition to event hosting is Director of Strategic Business Jerry Sim who has worked with international celebrity chefs. Being a 1986 SHATEC graduate and with 18 years of experience in the banquet and outdoor catering industry under his belt, Jerry has a passion for visual presentation. The result of his talent include edible mahjong tiles and chess pieces.

Exclusive LAVISH TEA Bags
On this special occasion, LAVISH also launched their concoction of fragrant tea. The packaging is uniquely stylish, while the Earl Grey Tea in particular is so creamy, you won't find any that is better than this.

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