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Allure Brow Embroidery
Our brows frame our face. And the perfectly shaped one will enhance the whole face. Although brow pencils and regular brow grooming is still the norm, some women prefer having their brows etched semi-permanently into our skin. Brow embroidery, as explained to be does not go as deep into the skin as brow tattoo. Mostly importantly, I left the session without any redness or swelling on my sensitive skin.  

The therapist put in more than an hour to design a pair of perfect brows for me, from pencilling in the brows to shaving off non-flattering bits to creating a semi-permanent brows definition for me. I am amazed that I didn’t get any reaction from the session which includes working the colour pigment into the top layer of my sensitive skin.

After the session, I was told to take care not to wet my new set of brows for a week. When washing my face, I was to paste a special surgery plaster over the brow area to protect them from getting wet, so that the skin could recover faster and prevent any infection. A special cooling antiseptic gel was given to me to apply a few times a day to keep the skin around the wound moist and free of infection. I didn’t manage to get the plasters in time. So I used a “non-rinse” makeup remover/cleanser to cleanse my skin. Fortunately the healing went well without any incident.

My verdict? Shaping my brows before getting out of the home used to take quite a bit of my time. This new set of Allure Signature brows has shortened the time I need to apply my makeup. I am so glad that this new brow embroidery has solved my issue with the thinning brows close to my nose. However, now that I know better, I would have opted for my brows to be filled more naturally. So what happens when my natural  brow grows back in a month’s time? I was told to simply get brows groomed and shaped regularly, and for me it’s at my regular Indian brow threading therapist’s.

My mum, a seasoned brow embroidery customer, loves my newly arched brows. She loves the new shape that replaced my natural down turn brows.  

So what do you think?

The concept behind Allure one stop eye brow service
Allure uses the golden ratio that most brow experts use—just like the one makeup artists use to shape your brows during a makeover. This Golden Ratio is a concept that even Leonardo Da Vinci uses in his art pieces to achieve perfection. Using The Golden Ratio to design a pair of brows brings balance and proportion to your face, while also bringing you a step closer to perfection.

How long will the brow embroidery last? Up to two years on normal skin and if you do not use whitening or AHA over the brows.
Senior Staff $1,380
Principle Trainer $1,680
Price is inclusive of touch ups within a year (1st touch up to be done within one month of the eye embroidery session.)

Allure Beauty Singapore
Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A, Tel:  6270 8845
West Mall (Bukit Batok ) #04-10, Tel: 6898 2242
City Square Mall #03-29/30, Tel: 6509 8859

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