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Anna Sui Cosmetics launches its Beach Collection for Summer with keywords like Antique, Avant Garde and Rock. These elements are sealed into the packaging of the new case of the Rose Cheek Colour N. Inspired by Anna Sui’s antique bracelets and crystals, the translucent blusher case makes the blusher a must have of the season, not just for the unique intricacy engraved into the case, but also for the multiple colours packed into a lovely floral embossment.

New Anna Sui Rose Cheek Colour N in jewellery inspired casing

Quality In Unique Must-Have Design
Anna Sui has brought more than just design from her fashion background into her range of cosmetics. Although the packaging sometimes appear girlishly whimsical, drawing your thoughts to fairy tales (think the limited edition Body Powder Puff, which reminds me of the fairy’s magical wand), be assured that there is quality and much thought built into every single item too with the ingredients added into the creation of the product for beauty enhancing properties. Let’s get into various ranges for this Beach Collection:

Anna Sui Protective Lip Gloss SPF 20, $33
Available in nine shades, they protect lips from dryness and UV rays with Plumping Oil, Smooth Staying Gel, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Honey and Rosa Canina Fruit Oil.
Anna Sui Glittering Lip Gloss, $33
Available in 13 shades, these translucent base add sparkle to lips while hydrating lips with shine-enhancing Brilliant Oil, Smooth Staying Gel and Light Touch Oil. The light aroma that you catch from wearing it is from the moistursing Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Honey and Rosa Canina Fruit Oil.

Anna Sui Eye Shadow Case, $10

Available in four designs, these cute mono-eyeshadow case are must haves that you can double as key chain accessory with your favourite Anna Sui Eye shade.

Anna Sui Eye Shadow, $19
Eye colours from Anna Sui Cosmetics Summer Beach Collection 
With five new shades and three textures put out there Anna Sui offers a lot of room for creativity. Mix and match the colours and textures to achieve various effects. Check out the look that Anna Sui’s makeup artist Bernice created for me with a more down to earth blend of eye colours.
Powder Base for vivid color
These are the bright blue and yellow eye shades of the season. They are pigment-rich such that just a little is enough to put some colour onto your lids, plus they do not fade easily.

Moist Powder Base for clear color and dazzling pearls
An oil rich base holds as many pearls as possible for unmatched shimmer and shine. The highly translucent oil and large amount of pearls create a wet-look finish despite being a powder. These are the 007 Sparkling Silver, 602 Shiny Orange, 802 Brilliant Gold, 103 Turquoise Blue, Vivid Yellow

Anna Sui Cream Eye Shadow, $19
With three new shades, this cream base eye shadow doubles as an eye shadow base with a chic lacquered-enamel finish, with the help of Clear Fit Base and Stay Fit Powder. Again, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract and Rosa Canina Fruit Oil offers staying-power. These are available in metallic shades of purple, silver and black. The black Cream Eye Shadow doubles as an eyeliner as well.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N, $49

With six shades and a new antique designed packaging that add to the appeal of this Anna Sui blush compact. Swirl the blusher brush over all the colours once to mix all the shades in the compact together for a three dimensional finish on the cheeks. A dewy finish and ease of blending is enhanced with the Moist Powder Base, Oil Mix and Clear Sliding Powder ingredients. Responsible for longer lasting cheek colours is Oil Mix base.

NOTE: If there are any cheek shades from the existing range that you love, pick it up today to avoid disappointment as the factory has stopped production of these shades.

Anna Sui Body Powder Puff, $49

Just like a fairy’s wand, tap this fluffy powder puff to sparkle. This wand dispenses pink and golden pearls to transform your body into GORGEOUS in the blink of an eye!
TIP: Use only over décolleté (chest), arms, and legs to add a subtle hint of sparkle. Avoid over doing the sparkle and avoid contact with clothes.

After Care: The puff is ingrained with body powder and should not be washed.

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Here's an introduction to the looks at the party:

Before we sign off, some pictures from the Anna Sui Beach Collection 2014 party

The New Anna Sui Bugis BHG counter and makeover station

Anna Sui Ring Lip colours

Anna Sui Beach Collection 2014

Party food and mocktail
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