What nibbles would you serve at a get-together or the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations?

About Parties, Celebrations and Snacks and #VivaLaPapa chips
Are you in celebratory mood yet for the upcoming Lunar New Year?
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What I love about #parties and #celebrations especially Lunar New Year visitations is the snacks I get to try at the various homes. This year instead of the usual Love Letters and ground nuts, what I'll definitely stock up are new snacks that have arrived on our shores - organic Viva La Papa #potatochips from #Peru. 
A guiltess chip party, perhaps?
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Sustainable Origin
These chips are sustainable varieties of native potatoes and other roots originating from grown by the Andean communities in various colourful and nutritious variaties. Viva La Papa potato chips from Peru are also Kosher accredited.

Moreover, with each pack of Viva La Papa chips sold, Viva La Papa! makes a contribution to Andean children’s charity Amantani. This wonderful organization provides schools and boarding houses for under-privileged children in remote Andean regions. So not only are we eating healthy chips with Viva La Papa, but also helping the needy.

How are they Cooked
They are hand cooked in small batches with pure sunflower oil with a hint of delicious natural Peruvian flavours. Every pack is filled with natural goodness, free of Gluten, GMO
, Trans Fat and artificial additives. 

Flavours Available
1 Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips
2 Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips
3 Chillies & Lime Potato Chips 
4 Exotic Sweet Potato Chips 
5 Andean Native Potato Chips

Below are my tasting reviews of my favourites:
VOTED Most Healthy
1 #AndeanPinkSaltPotatoChips

Unlike most commercial potato chips, I love the great crispy texture with bite. With each bite I could feel the texture of the potato. Best of all, this pack of chips is flavouried by Andean Pink Salt. Pink salt is healthy than the normal table kitchen salt. Here's a list of them:

a. Minimises effects of stress on the body
b. Removes cellular acidity in brain and kidney
c. Contains essential minerals to replenish vital electrolytes

2 #AnticuchoBBQPotatoChips
This pack of chips is the most flavourful of the lot. What's great is that it's NOT too salty.

VOTED Too Good to Keep for Tomorrow
4 #ExoticSweetPotatoChips 

This is actually the first pack of chips I got a potato lover to try. It is loved for its lack of excess saltiness. What's great is each bite is crispy and he could feel the texture of the root. It's so good to him that it was polished off in one sitting. Need we say more?

 5 #AndeanNativePotatoChips
This pack of #chips is #crispy, yet it has the texture and bite of sweet potato chips. I love its clean, natural taste. In fact, as it is less salty than most chips I've tried, while still maintaining natural flavours, I feel healthier eating it and could easily polish off a pack without feeling guilty. The chips in this pack have tints of natural purple and pink in the potato. If you are aware, these natural colours represent the presence of healthy anti-cancer nutrients.

These chips are available only at reputable and quality outlets like:
Real Food Grocer
CENTRAL @ 6 Eu Tong Sen St, The Central #B1-52/53, T: +65 62244492
SQUARE 2@ 10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2, #B1-105/106/129, T: +65 63972289
KILLINEY @ 110 Killiney Road, Tai Wah Building, T: +65 67379516
WEST COAST @154 West Coast Road, West Coast Plaza  #B1-06/07, T: +65 68721440

SPRMRKT @ 2 McCallum Street, T: +65 6221 2105
The American Club @  10 Claymore Hill, T: +65-6737-3411 
Swiss Butchery @  Greewood 30/32 Greenwood Avenue, T: +65-6468-7588. Tanglin 6 Tanglin Road, #01-02, T: 65-6235 8080 

Details at: 
Instagram: #vivalapapa #lebonocollection
Facebook: @Le Bono 

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