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Are you looking for a unique moon cake gift for your parents and in-laws? Check out Petite Bakehouse's mooncakes shaped into pigs or bunnies:

Baked-Skin Mooncakes (Piggy & Bunny), S$40 per box of 8 pieces handcrafted Petite Piggy and Bunny mooncakes (Individually packed)

Classic shaped snow skin mooncakes are available too. Pandan Snow-skin Mooncakes, S$24 per box of 8 pieces handcrafted Petite Pandan Snow-skin mooncakes with white lotus paste filling (Individually packed)
Place your orders at Petite Bakehouse

Delivery charges @$25 from Monday to Saturday between noon to 6pm. Sunday and PH @$30 but depending on staff availability. Other terms and conditions apply.

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