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Now for some real-life links to Korean Drama

Ear Muffs 5,000kr each. Leave me a message by end of this week, if you are keen on getting the orange muffs  from me.  Both are unused.
Character from Samsaengi wearing ear muffs similar to those I bought . (top and below)

1. Props
I bought these ear muffs at 5,000kr each pair. I later found them retailing at 3,900kr at a few of the shops near Ehwa Womans University. Don't they look the same at the ones this little gal was wearing in the KBS World drama Samsaengi?

Tip: At 1 degree Celsius and with some breeze, we were soon thankful for these to keep our ears warm.

2. Korean Lunch
Posters next to the door with evidence of the filming done a few years ago.

We had quick lunch at a Myeongdong food outlet where a drama was once filmed.
It was packed during lunch hour. We had the beef soup served with rice and kimchi. If you do not have much time, this is said to be the best choice. Ask again before confirming your order. 

next to Bee Cheng Hiang Barbeque Pork standalone store at Myeongdong. This store was opened in 2010.

They serve great tasting food here.

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