REVIEW/SHOP/HEALTH: Youth potion powerpacked with resveratrol from red wine and antioxidants like blueberries, acai and pomegranate to give life a boost

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It takes more than just multi-vitamins and regular exercise to stay healthy and youthful.
Most of the time, we are not enriching our bodies with enough nutrients from our daily meals, hence we need multivitamins to compensate for the lack of healthy and balanced diet.

With stress, unhealthy lifestyle and exposure to pollution, the body has to keep fighting against free radicals. On the other hand, age causes the body to crave for more antioxidants to combat these stressors as well as inflammations like joint pains, and help the body stay youthful. A supplement like RESERVE is a potent mix of resveratrol (from about 150 bottles of red wine per pack) and antioxidants from various types of berries and acai. These superfoods energise as well as rejuvenate the body at a cellular level, meaning from deep within the body to strengthen the body more effectively. Resveratrol and antioxidants are also known to be effective in lowering high cholesterol and high blood sugar, and are thus great for those who are trying to lose excess pounds when consumed regularly.

Here's a report on how resveratrol can help you counter obesity.
These nutrients can be found in everyday food, but are you consuming enough of these to combat the stress your body is going through? Some of us need more of certain nutrients, and some less. The healthy may need less antioxidants, while those with illness linked to inflammations would need to consume more antioxidants. The answer is evident when you consume and see how well Jeunesse RESERVE works for you. 

I have been taking this supplement to fill my hunger pangs for 4 months now. This gel-serum tastes like a cross between Welch grape juice and prune juice. It is said to taste differently according to your health conditions, but this is another topic altogether. We will talk about this in another blog.

Overcoming hunger pangs
I have often read that when the body has cravings, it may be due to a lack of certain nutrients. For example, when one craves for salty food, it may be due to lack of certain minerals. My stomach usually starts its 'orchestra' mid-morning even when I have had some food at 8am. As I am concerned with piling on more weight, I started taking a pack of Reserve instead. And I found that I stopped feeling hungry after finishing this pack of gel-serum.

Doesn't attract ants
If you think this is sweet, you would be surprised that it doesn't attract ants. All of us know that if you were to leave food crumbs or sugar lying around, you would find ants appearing in no time. On one occasion, I didn't realise that the gel-serum had spilled onto the floor. When I spotted the spill a few hours later, I was amazed that it wasn't surrounded by ants at all. So I am sure that claims from other users that it is not sweet is true.

Healthier Veins 
I am one of those whose veins are really fine. This means drawing blood for blood tests sometimes takes really long for reasons like: the nurse finds it difficult to locate a visible vein, the vein collapses half-way through, such that the blood drawn is insufficient for the blood test. And blood tests usually leave me with a huge bruise at the site of the needle penetration. But last December, my blood test session during my bi-annual check up was a breeze. I was really nervous at first and dread being bruised again. However, to my surprise, the nurse did it in a jiffy and at her first attempt. When she withdrew the needle, I noted that there wasn't any blood clot at the site of needle penetration either. I have read online that Resveratrol tests has shown that it can strengthen veins, thus making consumption of Resveratrol a good option for diabetics who often have vein issues. Now I am convinced that it has helped my veins too.

Overcoming Flu
On the 2nd day of my trip in Tokyo last October, I started feeling having chest cough. I knew I was about to fall sick due to the sudden change of weather. I consumed two packs of Reserve and went to bed. And just like my friends' countless testimonies, I was well again the next morning and throughout the trip. Reserve has been a blessing in this area especially during crunch time, when I need to be well. 

I have been consuming Reserve daily together with another DNA-repair supplement AM and PM. AM is a nutritional blend that helps me stay alert during the day, and  PM contains another set of nutritional blend that helps me sleep better at night. Even when I didn't have enough sleep the night before, AM has always helped me to stay alert and I felt nothing of the 'hangover' effects I used to have before taking this supplement. PM on the other hand, helps me to get the deep sleep at night for the body to reach the stage of nocturnal rejuvenation and self-repair. Again this is another topic which I will talk about in another blog.

Hyperpigmentation Patches
In recent years, I suddenly find patches of hyperpigmentation forming around my cheekbones, instead of freckles. I spoke to a TCM-trained individual who suggested that I consume more of  Reserve to see improvements. And true enough, these dark patches of hyperpigmentation faded with the increased dose over time. 

It is said that such dark patches could be due to some health issues with the liver. And I know that I had a faint pain on the right side of my abdomen at that time. I didn't want to waste more money on the blood test since I heard that Reserve also helps liver issues. 

I have stopped having pain on the right side of my abdomen today. I also did included blood test for my liver and kidney function last December since I was already going for a blood test anyway and the results showed that my liver and kidneys are doing fine. 

Reserve is easy to consume especially if you are adverse to popping pills. What's also great is the technology behind the gel-serum which makes it easier for the body to absorb and thus reap more benefits from it. I have found that it helps me in many aspects. If you are often having flu or has a weak immunity, do give his a chance. Below are some links and testimonies from other users you can view.

Note: The above review was done by Wee Ping.
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